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Featured: Drodesera Festival Supercontinent, The 5th LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award (Dro, Italy)

Featured:  Drodesera Festival Supercontinent, The 5th LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award (Dro, Italy)

DRODESERA is a contemporary art festival currently at its 37th edition This year is taks place from 21st to 29th July at Centrale Fies, Dro (Trento), which has been hosting the festival exclusively for last 17 years. The Art Work Space has opened its doors onto its artistic production, pursuing and fomenting its nature of multiform reality and its mission of presenting artistic and cultural biodiversity.

SUPERCONTINENT is the title chosen for this year’s edition, for a modern Pangaea sewn back together by new technologies and migratory routes, in symbiosis with a constantly mutating land. Tradition and innovation intertwine together in order to generate a balance based upon diversities.

The 5th LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award will launch the Festival this year, with its new productions investigating how art’s political identity is not only present in the critical thinking behind art making, but also applies to the active process itself. The Award, a platform dedicated solely to Performance Art, re-invigorates Centrale Fies with fresh ideas that twist the award system, transforming the selected winners and the panel of judges into an all-round curator panel comprehensive of a network useful to artists.

10 winning projects will be presented from 21s to 23rd July. The selection consists of – Alok Vaid-Menon, Claudia Pagès Rabal, Gaetano Cunsolo, Kent Chan, Lisa Vereetbrugghen, Madison Bycroft, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Mohamed Abdelkarim, Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea, Urok Shirhan – with the presence of guest performers such as Leandro Nerefuh/Ribidjunga Cardoso (“Orphic Exuberance Versus Solar Capitalism” | national premiere), Philipp Gehmacher (“walk+talk no. 22” | national premiere), Sarah Vanhee (“The Making of Justice”) e Mykki Blanco (“Concert”). (Source: Festival Website)

Schedule for Live Works:

Friday 21st July: h. 19.30 – Sala Comando

Mercedes Azpilicueta AR) / Yuko & Justine

Friday 21st July: h. 20.45 – h. 22.30 – Forgia

Urok Shirhan (IQ/NL) / Empty Orchestra

Friday 21st July: dalle/from h. 21.00 – Orti

Gaetano Cunsolo (IT) / Soon as night falls… I’ll start to build

Friday 21st July: h. 21.30 – Turbina 2

Madison Bycroft (AUS) / Mollusc theory – soft bodies

Friday 21st July: h. 23.00 – Turbina 1

Mykki Blanco (US) / Concert
guest performer

Saturday 22nd July: h. 20.00 – Sala comando

Leandro Nerefuh/Ribidjunga Cardoso (BR) / Orphic Exuberance Versus Solar Capitalism
prima nazionale/national première
guest performer

Saturday 22nd July: h. 21.00 – h. 23.00 – Mezzelune

Lisa Vereertbrugghen (BE) / Softcore – a hardcore encounter

Saturday 22nd July: h. 21.00 – h. 23.00 – Forgia

Claudia Pagès Rabal (ES) / Emissions, fools & care

Saturday 22nd July: h. 21.45 – Turbina 1

Alok Vaid-Menon (IN/US) / Watching you / Watch me

Sunday 23rd July: h. 20.00 – Sala comando

Philipp Gehmacher (AT) / walk+talk no. 22
prima nazionale/national première
guest performer

Sunday 23rd July: h. 21.00 – Turbina 1

Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea / es†uar¡no

Sunday 23rd July: h. 22.30 – Turbina 2

Kent Chan (SG) / Floats Like A Magnet

Sunday 23rd July: h. 23.00 – Forgia

Sarah Vanhee (BE) / The Making of Justice
guest performer

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.

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