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10 Mixed Reality Artists To Know: 8. Hwa Young Jung (UK)

Hwa Young Jung

Hwa Young Jung is an award winning multidisciplinary artist/maker/curator working in the arts, cultural and sciences, facilitating collaborative workshops and projects. Based in Manchester (UK) she has been involved in producing projects with grassroots led community spaces, makers and artists in the North (of England) and internationally for over ten years – running hackathons, exhibitions, workshops and few laser cut trophies along the way.

She is ¼ of Re-Dock, an artist collective working with people and technology based in Liverpool & Manchester.

She is ⅓ of Domestic Science, a collective of artists using interactive non-fiction to explore narratives around science and data that surrounds us everyday.

She has run projects with Universities (MMU, Lancaster), festivals (FutureEverything, AND) and cultural institutions (Manchester Museum, Castlefield Gallery, National Trust) to create a mixing ground for diverse disciplines and divergent communities to come together and make something new.

She received her MA from Ravensbourne College in Interactive Digital Media in 2005, worked for design agency Amoeba in Seoul, Korea for three years before that, and got a BFA from Parsons School of Design, NY in Communication Design in 2000.

(source: Hwa Young Jung, About)

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