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Opportunities: ADAM Artist Lab 2018 – OPEN CALL (Taipei, Taiwan) Deadline – 03/10/2018

ADAM Artist Lab 2018 – OPEN CALL (Taipei, Taiwan) August 15 -29, 2018
Deadline: 03/10/2018
Online Application:
Fee to Apply: FREE

Description Of Opportunity:

Initiated and organized by the Taipei Performing Arts Center, the 2nd edition of ADAM (Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance) will be held in Taipei in 2018. ADAM is a brand new network committed to deepening exchanges between artists, facilitating their artistic development, and strengthening inter-cultural collaborations.

Artist Lab, at the heart of ADAM, is a two-week residency program in Taipei. Through a series of activities and discussions, artists can foster their ideas and practice. The collaborative nature of the program allows artists to develop friendships and pave the way for future partnerships.

In 2018, Artist Lab will be curated by the artists Ding-Yun Huang (Taipei) and Henry Tan (Bangkok), who participated in the Lab in 2017.

Performativity of the in-Between

We claim ourselves as artists because we make art. But, when we get rid of this identity or refuse to use it, is our practice still art? What makes it different in between?

If the identity of artist is a medium, and the everyday experiences and surroundings have been what artists get inspired, observe, and contemplate to respond to and produce something. What exactly is the reason we call what we produce as art? The practices of arts today have been beyond disciplines, media and genres. Furthermore, between all these fields, there seems to be a priori feature for artists to discover, state, define, and interpret.

When we indicate a work of art as performance, because it’s performative. However, a performative work is not necessary a piece of performance. What makes it different in between? Does it depend on how artists or spectators perceive, the condition of performance space, or the process of fictionalization and representation? We can’t really signify the key component. On the contrary, what are we based on when we say a work of art is not performance?

Questioning the performativity in between will be unfolding our dialogue in the Artist Lab. We try to illustrate the possibilities of performativity between the identity of artists, self-practices in life, the certification of a performance space and the necessity of spectator. Ultimately, we will take“what is performance” as a point of departure in the Artist Lab, to approach the ambiguity and diversity of performativity.

Program Period:
Artist Lab: 15 -29 August 2018
ADAM Annual Meeting: 30 August to 2 September 2018
ADAM Lab artists will join the public sharing at ADAM Annual Meeting, as part of its program.

How To Apply:

The Eligibility
The call is internationally open for 10 artists from across performing, visual arts and other disciplines, who have performance/performativity-related practices and the strong interest in connecting with the Asian cultural scene, building network, working collectively with artists from diverse disciplines to invent new ideas.

※ Artists in New Zealand please submit the application through Creative New Zealand ( )

• Roundtrip economy transportation to and from Taipei.
• Accommodation (arrival on 15 August and departure on 3 September 2018)
• Artist fee and per-diem

Application Package
1. Application form
2. Portfolio
3. CV

How to Submit
Send the application package to [email protected] by 10 March 2018 (GMT+8). Please address the subject of e-mail as “Application-ADAM 2018 Artist Lab-Full name of the artist”. Results will be announced through email on 2 April 2018.

Contact Email: [email protected]

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