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Opportunities: Open Call for Artists (Laucha) Deadline – 31.03.2019

Open Call for Artists (Laucha) 09.-11.08.2019
Deadline: 31.03.2019
Online Application: www.szene-zeigen.d

Description Of Opportunity:

Szene zeigen – We invite you to come together, to celebrate theatre and art, to eat and play together as well as to engage with each other.

A huge empty gliding school on the ridge of Sachsen Anhalt: three days, two stages and 600 guests. The programme is shaped by your works and productions! We want to show your scene. And ours.

More interaction instead of passivity,

Focus instead of overload,

Out of the comfort zone?

Collective meals,

catharsis and ecstasy!

Theatre productions from educational institutions, the independent scene – Freie Szene as well as ‘amateur productions’ are welcome. Whether ensemble or solo, whether music theatre, performance, installation, puppetry, walking act, drama or dance. No matter for which age.

In addition, we are looking for people who give workshops that are accessible without prior knowledge.

How To Apply:

Your application should include the following:

  • Short but expressive description of your production
  • Short biographies of the participants
  • Video (as link) of the whole production
  • Indication of the duration of the production (max. 120 min) or workshops
  • Technical Rider with information on sound, video, and light (if possible)
  • Calculation of your transport and travel costs

Contact Email:[email protected]

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