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Opportunities: Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival VI Open Call (Nicosia, Cyprus) Deadline – 10 June 2019

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival VI Open Call (Nicosia, Cyprus) 25-27 October
Deadline: 10 June 2019
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: Free

Description Of Opportunity:

Open Call.
Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival / Cyprus 2019

Category: Performative Arts (Performance, Theatre, Dance, Visual, Installation)
Reach: Cyprus-based and International
Application Deadline: June 10th, 2019

Organizer: Home for Cooperation

Festival period: 25/10/19 – 27/10/19

Open Call.
Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival / Cyprus 2019

Category: Performative Arts (Performance, Theatre, Dance, Visual, Installation)
Reach: Cyprus-based and International
Application Deadline: June 10th, 2019

Organizer: Home for Cooperation

Festival period: 25/10/19 – 27/10/19
The Festival

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival (BFPAF) showcases new and experimental work by local and international artists, challenges physical and artistic barriers, and creates opportunities for artists to meet and exchange ideas. It creates the environment for the questioning of preconceived ideas of the performing arts, the relationship between artists and audience, and shines a new light on the relationship between arts and society. The festival hosts innovative work, artists who practice cutting-edge methodologies, and are open to inter-disciplinary and cross-sectorial work.

The Festival’s programming aims to offer both local and international artists a platform to showcase their work and offers the opportunity for interaction between artists, between artists and audiences, of audiences and space, as well as with the BFPAF institution, in a celebratory spirit of multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence. Taking place in a divided country, Buffer Fringe Festival assumes more responsibilities than an arts festival taking place elsewhere. It is one of a kind in Cyprus and the world.

BFPAF Theme “Defining the/a Buffer Zone, the In-Between Space”
The Festival is a creative meeting between local and international artists, students and scholars, an institution deeply rooted in the Buffer Zone of Nicosia. Thus far, the Buffer Zone of Ledra Palace, has been largely undefined artistically, in spite being the grounds for events since 2011.

The Concept of the BFPAF 2019 is based on this gap, which has shaped the following questions:

What does the/a Buffer Zone mean to you (artistically and personally)?

How do you understand it as an in-between place, between realities?

How do you understand it as a process, an ever-changing process that spans through time, memory, and aesthetics?

We invite artists to propose work, which is meaningful for them, the space and institution of the Fringe, in a creative space where often form, content and process interplay with the creators and the audience. Their work must adhere to the values of artistic freedom and mutual respect, and strive for artistic excellence and the production of meaningful art, while at the same time recognizing the space as one of past trauma, but which also holds promise for a peaceful future. We also invite artists to consider how culture (culture of violence, culture of peace, etc.) has been a) colonialized on the island, and b) sensationalized world-wide, and anticipate that they shape their proposals free of those syndromes.

All forms of experimental performance work are accepted, which can contain (but are not limited to) theatre, music, dance, acrobatics, installation/visual art and other cross-disciplinary elements. Moreover, we welcome proposals for participatory, durational, and/or site-specific formats. For performances in languages other than English, the text must be provided in translation in English by the artists.

Finally, and as part of a process of development of the Fringe community on the island, Cyprus-based artists will have the opportunity to engage with the BFPAF creative and technical staff in a process of consultation. Before the applications deadline (for all applicants) and after the deadline (for selected artists), a dialogue on creative and technical issues relating with their proposal and performance can take place, relating that with the Buffer Fringe 2019 theme.

Work will be selected by an artistic committee, headed by Artistic Director Ellada Evangelou, and comprised of representatives from the Home for Cooperation, artists, curators and professionals from within the field of the performing arts.

Support for participating artists:

– An honorarium of €800 groups / €500 for solo artists

– Support in your fundraising, with BFPAF partners and long-standing supporters and donors

– Support in promotion of the performance as part of the festival outreach

– Rehearsal space can be arranged for a period of 2-4 weeks prior to the performance, upon request by the artists

– The opportunity to meet other artists, access to all other performances and parallel events of the festival, share your experience over social and networking events and an opportunity to expose your work to other international festival directors.

Parameters / Requirements:

Duration between 30’ to 70’ minutes (Exceptions are durational, promenade and/or Loop performances)

Technical Requirements must comply with the venues provided by BFPAF (Please see attachment with technical specifications and specify your production needs in the section ‘Production Details’)

English text/subtitles must be available for the performance if the language is other than English.

Selection Criteria:

Direct relevance of the subject matter of the work with the theme of the Festival. The description of the art product needs to answer to one or all of the questions posed in the Theme. Non-relevant works will not be considered.

In terms of methodology, innovative work will be preferred, although that does not exclude more ‘traditional’ performances. The use of collaborative creative processes, multimedia, interaction, and others, and the exploration of new ways to expression and communication of the work, will be appreciated in the application.

Cross-disciplinary and cross-sectorial work will receive extra merit. Involving means of creation of the artistic work and presentation of the work from sectors such as academia, social work, peace-building, architecture and spatial design, and others, is welcome.

How To Apply:

ALL application material must be submitted ONLY in English, and must contain:

Filled out Application Form in the online link HERE

The form Includes:

  • A description of the work (max. 300 words)
  • Relevance to the Festival Theme (max. 300 words)
  • A CV of the artist(s) (max. 3 pages) or link to the website or blog of the company/group
  • Accompanying materials: YouTube or Vimeo link to video documentation of the work OR video excerpts from the rehearsals OR outlining of the concept of the work-in-progress.

Language: If languages other than English or Greek or Turkish are used, the documentation must be subtitled OR accompanied by a full script in English


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