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Opportunities: MA Directing of Devised & Object Theatre (Prague) Deadline – Feb 14, 2020

MA Directing of Devised & Object Theatre (Prague) 14/02/2020
Deadline: 14/02/2020
Online Application:
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Description Of Opportunity:


(deadline to apply: February 14th!)


MA Degree in Directing of Devised & Object Theatre a 2 year English language program at DAMU, Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre in Prague!




The Master in Directing of Devised and Object Theatre offers advanced studies in the practice of theatre-making with a twofold focus: learning the process of devising a theatre performance from scratch, with a strong emphasis on a visuality of expression.


Students will learn to create theatre performances with strong visual, spatial, object and media (low tech) aspects, as well as working in other related performance forms such as scenographic installations, sound performances, and other types of performances with strong visual and spatial dramaturgy.


The process will be based in devising techniques: creating thematic, conceptual, and/or documentary projects that are not based in pre-written plays, but are created mainly through the process of rehearsing, often as collaborative work of the whole creative team.


Students will learn to work with a variety of authentic, found, and created material: poetry, images, fragments of plays, songs, historical events, personal stories, scientific findings, common knowledge, pop culture, etc. Students will further learn a conceptual approach to research and development of materials, creating specific performance structures (in the sense of narrative, space, and relationship to audience), for specific material, and proposing new ways for audience to perceive/experience the performance to provide the students with skills to  become independent authors.


The degree is in directing, where directing is understood as an expanded practice, with the potential to work within the fields of design, writing, and performing, to prepare students for work in theatre forms without strict divisions of roles within the creative team. Students will be guided toward becoming independent creators making their own artistic work.


For their last semester and final projects, students will be partnered with prominent practicing artists, based on their individual needs, working in the fields of media, site specific, community theatre, movement theatre, documentary theatre, puppet theatre, visual theatre, scenographic installation etc. for a hands on experience.


Students will further have a possibility to create direct connection to international environment, artists, and institutions as well as connection to Czech artists and companies.



The foundations of the program involve practical work that provides the student with a hands-on experience with all the elements and in all the phases of project creation: selecting a theme; building a concept and dramaturgical structure; processing material; sound, visual and spatial design; dramaturgical work with material; creating material through rehearsal; performing and working with performers; work with puppets and objects; work with audiences.




  • Directing theatre performances with strong visual and spatial components

  • Devising performance from a variety of material
  • Devising using one’s own material (not only interpreting already existing material)

  • Research and development of material

    Creation of a variety of dramaturgical structures and research of material

  • Performing, and working with performers

  • Performance designing (scenography)


Sodja Lotker 

[email protected]


For more information about the course, fees, application please visit:

How To Apply:

For more information on how to apply please visit:

or contact:

Sodja Lotker 

[email protected]

Contact Email:[email protected]

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