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Opportunities: Be A Part Of The 2020 Spider Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia) Deadline – 27. May 2020

Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia
When: Between 17 and 20 June 2020
Deadline: 27. May 2020

Description Of Opportunity:

Spider Festival, a festival of radical bodies, began to knit its web back in 2010 in Ljubljana under the umbrella of Pekinpah, while the artistic guidance is always in the hands of local artists.

It brings together and interlaces bodies, thus opening a possibility for intense critical thematizations of a complex cultural-political atmosphere, social frictions and paradoxes, contemporary taboos and most urgent topics – through an artistic expression, of course. Unconventional approaches and discourses, anti-hegemonic objections and proposals of something better, new, hybrid genres, dance art which is only rarely presented in the mainstream, all this is Spider Festival.

We were preparing the 2020 edition of the 9th Spider Festival. We were contemplating the continuation of our core thought: the movement of evolution. Suddenly, a break occurred.

The lockdown intensified the already present rules of engagement. Involution ad infinitum. Now what?

Consider this as an alternative thought: Involution, not as mere shrinkage, but as an inalienable internal dynamics of an organism, or better, organisms. The process of becoming a spatial social network, a horizon of horizontal face-to-face encounters with all their collisions and frictions, a non-hierarchical participatory construction of movement as language and knowledge, and vice versa. Yes, now this.

We are inviting you to create the Spider Festival 2020. We dont want to welcome you to how it was before. We’ve therefore abandoned our carefully prepared festival program.
We’ve abandoned all indoor events.

Our dance floor will be set in the natural environment of
the Tivoli Park and other partner’s sites in Ljubljana.

More information on

How To Apply:

Proposals should include:

– written proposal; max. 1 page A4,
– artist/team presentation,
– video links (if applicable),
– social media profile links (optional)
– precise technical riders,
– 2 hi-res photos,
– credits, including supporters.

More information on

Deadline for applications: 27 May 2020
Send applications to: [email protected]

Results will be published on by 1 June 2020. You will receive a letter of acceptance by email.

Contact Email:[email protected]

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