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Opportunities: STARTS.EE art+science residency “How to wear sensations?” (Tallinn, Estonia) Deadline – 24.08.2020

Opportunity: STARTS.EE art+science residency “How to wear sensations?”
Where: Tallinn, Estonia
When: September 2020 (negotiable)
Deadline: 24.08.2020
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: free

Description Of Opportunity:

In this residency, we invite an artist and a scientist/technologist to experiment with (1) analysis and processing of biological markers such as heart rate variability or electrodermal activity, and (2) mapping of resulting biological patterns onto multisensory (tactile or auditory-tactile) patterns to be delivered via wearables like bracelets or vibrating clothing in artistic scenarios. The example scenarios may include but are not limited to raised self-awareness (e.g., CogoNovo or Magic lining projects), tele-empathy or other collective engagement experiences (e.g.,

We are looking for a scientist/technologist and an artist to collaborate on the topic of wearables for biofeedback. The applicants are expected to apply for the residency position individually. The selected applicants will later form a two-person team working together to explore the proposed topic.

How To Apply:

Send a motivation letter (up to 1 page A4) explaining your interest in the residency collaboration and a link to your artist portfolio or research track record/ CV by August 24th (deadline extended), 2020 to [email protected].

Contact Email:[email protected]

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