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DIY Digital Performance Kit

Are you making digital performance? We have put together a list of helpful tech. (these are linked to Amazon, but you can find them in many online stores).

1. Web Cam – ( you don’t need one if you have a built-in camera on your computer, but it can be helpful to put an external webcam at a higher level for better angles for performance and don’t want to put your computer at risk of falling to the ground)

2. Ring Light – (helpful for filling in face evenly. we prefer the RGB LED kind so we can also work with color)

3. Bluetooth mic – (These are helpful if you are performing further than a few feet from the webcam. Check your webcam before you buy, because some webcams get good audio from even 10 feet away)

2. Green Screen – (you can use virtual greenscreen backgrounds in Zoom, but to get a crisp background and full-body presentation at different distances, it is best to use an actual green screen hung behind you)

3. RGB LED Colored lights for room fill – (we like these because you can use an app control the colors)

4. Ethernet Cable to direct link your computer to your internet router – (It can be very helpful for frame rate and frame drop to directly plug your computer into your internet router instead of over wifi)

5. Ethernet to USB C Adapter – (If you have a computer made in the past 10 years you will most likely need an ethernet adapter to your usb or usb c port on your computer)

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