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Episode 02.04 SLC Performance Lab With Alice Yuan Zhang

The SLC Performance Lab is produced by and the Sarah Lawrence College MFA Theatre Program. Each month a visiting artist to the MFA Theatre Program’s Grad Lab is interviewed. Grad Lab is one of the core components of the program where graduate students work with guest artists and develop group generated performance pieces monthly.

Alice Yuan Zhang is interviewed by Karen Loewy Movilla (‘21) and Chanel Smith (‘21).

Alice Yuan Zhang is an artist, designer, and program organizer working across the IRL and URL. Her projects often take on a playful and collaborative approach, using mixed reality technologies to invite public empathy into ecological and social futuring. She is the co-organizer of virtual care lab, a series of experiments in remote togetherness. Alice holds a B.S. in Business Administration from University of California, Berkeley and is influenced by object-oriented ontology, interspecies collaborations, Eastern philosophy, and magical realism.

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