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Opportunities: Little Fun Palace Nomadic School (Trento) Deadline – July 25 2021

Opportunity: Little Fun Palace Nomadic School
Where: Trento
When: from 23 to 29 August 2021
Deadline: July 25 2021
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: free participation

Description Of Opportunity:

Little Fun Palace is back as a Nomadic School questioning how space produces reality. Aiming to experiment new forms of learning and sharing-knowledge around Performing Arts, the Nomadic School considers space and landscape as aesthetic territories that have political implications without using the words of politics. It problematizes the Performing Arts by interacting with other disciplines such as Natural Sciences, Architecture and Anthropology. Through workshops, experiments, meetings, and micro-performances, participants will be encouraged to reconsider their centrality and periphery within a shared space such as the stage.

Little Fun Palace Nomadic School takes place at 1600m above sea level. For the second year in a row the caravan will be in Viote on Mount Bondone, a natural biotope in Trentino – South Tyrol and a mountain pasture area for sheeps and cows. Taking place in the middle of the Alpine landscape, life and study will not be detached and participants will camp at the Vigolo alpine hut, near the Alpine Botanical Garden of MUSE – Science Museum. By immersing totally in the alpine landscape, Little Fun Palace Nomadic School leaves behind the representative distance cultivated by academic and artistic institutions.

The selected participants will share the Nomadic School with some mentors who, respecting their practices, will tackle the role of space and how it produces reality. Mentors are:

+ Attila Faravelli (musician and sound-designer)

+ Enrico Malatesta (percussionist and sound-researcher)

+ Claudia Castellucci (dramaturg, choreographer and teacher)

+ Dehlia Hannah (philosopher e curator)

+ Helen Wiesinger (botanist, MUSE collaborator)

+ Mattia Venco (chef)

+ Silvia Costa (artist, theatre director and performer)

+ Studio Folder (research and visual design agency)

+ Plus one mentor to be soon announced.

How To Apply:

The Open Call is addressed to anyone interested in the production and perception of space. People from disciplines such as theatre, dance, architecture, geography, anthropology, philosophy, natural sciences, literature, music, visual arts and design can participate. 12 participants will be selected and they will have guaranteed board and lodging for the entire period.

+ send your CV (max 1 A4 page) including email and phone number.

+ send a text (max 1 A4 page) that shows your interest and why you want to participate.

+ send the complete application by 25 July 2021

+ send to [email protected] – Re: LFP Nomadic School 2021 | Alpine pasture

Contact Email:[email protected]

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