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Opportunities: Open Call for Opera Prima Festival XVIII (Rovigo, Italy) Deadline – 16, January 2022

Opportunity: Selection of performances for Opera Prima Festival XVIII
Where: Rovigo, Italy
When: 16-19 June 2022
Deadline: 16th January 2022
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: 0,00

Description Of Opportunity:

The Object of the Call

This call for entries is opened to national and international groups or artists that practice experimental theatre.

By experimental theatre we mean a work that truly experiments with the dramaturgy (interpreted as scenic composition), the actor, the spectator and the scenic space.

In other words, experimental theatre is all that unconventional theatre pursuing:

the autonomy of scenic language from a written play; the redefinition of the scenic space; the reformulation of the role and the gaze of the spectator; an original actors’ training; a link that connects the actors to the project of the company.

Participation requirements

The call is opened to Italian and international individuals or groups of professional theatre and performing arts, structured in any legal form that allows them to fulfill the administrative and bureaucratic practices necessary to realize their performance.

Only artistic projects that realize experimentation with scenic languages, according to the points mentioned above, are eligible for selection. Amateur works, drama theater and performances of entertainment wont be selected.

The Festival commission selects both original works that have not been yet performed, as well as works that have already debut, but which have not had an adequate circulation and/or visibility. It is advisable to submit works no longer than 60 minutes.


The selected performances are going to be included in the 2022 edition of Festival Opera Prima.
All expenses and practices concerning the organization, communication, staff, promotion of the event will be in charge of the organization of the Festival.

At each selected company will be paid, after the presentation of an invoice, a fee that has to be agreed and will be guaranteed the possibility of lodging at an affiliated guesthouse (just for the people working in the performance).

Calendar and PLACE of performance

All the performances are going to be realized in Rovigo inside the venues used by the Festival from the 16th to the 19th June 2022. It is possible to realize performances also in unconventional locations and outdoor. The artistic direction can ask the selected company to realize more replies of the performance.

How To Apply:

Submissions must include:

  • Artistic curriculum of the company or the artist;
  • Artistic schedule of the performance;
  • Technical rider of the performance;
  • link to the full video of the performance (if the proposal consists of a debut, link to previous works). Video material has to be viewed directly online (by a link) and it mustn’t be downloaded (no wetransfer, google drive, etc.). Other ways of sending materials are not accepted.

Each group or individual can submit only one proposal.

The application (with video links) has to be sent by e-mail to [email protected] writing on the object of the mail “Submission to Festival Opera Prima 2022” by 12.00 am on January 16th.

We do not accept other ways of sending materials.

Participants authorize, pursuant to Law 196/2003 and GDPR – European Regulation no. 2016/679, the processing of personal data and the use of the sent informations for all the purposes related to the announcement.

Contact Email:[email protected]

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