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In Performance: Silvana Estrada: MARCHITA at Prototype Festival (NYC)

Silvana Estrada: MARCHITA


January 12-14, 6pm and 9:30pm


Silvana Estrada is a Mexican multi-instrumentalist musician who recently won the Latin GRAMMY Award for “Best New Artist.” Their work holds soft vulnerability and fierce fortitude in a delicate balance.

Incorporating acapella, cuatro-accompanied music, and subtle choreography, her piece MARCHITA (“withered” in Spanish) explores the many stages of love from overwhelming joy to loss and reconstruction of oneself after a relationship ends. The audience is guided on a journey of these many states of being throughout her 45-minute sung-through performance. She is supported sonically, and at times physically, by the three members of the K’ay Ha’ Quartet (“Water Chant” in Mayan). 

MARCHITA feels simultaneously like a beautiful, haunting dream and a soft, supporting embrace. The audience is carried comfortably by the clear and effortless vocals of Estrada through the hazy air and billowing fabric of the piece. The delicate choreography by Clara Pampyn matched with the stunning lighting design by Amanda K. Ringger gently supports the piece and its effective simplicity. 

MARCHITA is an aching yet familiar journey for those who have ever found themselves in love. Estrada’s songs reflect upon her time with her lover–the memories made together, the joys of intimacy–and her time forgetting, or attempting to forget her lover despite their memory residing within the fibers of her withering soul and body.

MARCHITA is a simple and stunning piece that brings to life a beautiful album of music. To listen to the album is one thing, but to experience it live and with the sonically informed movement that Estrada and her team have created is transcendent.

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Marisa Conroy (they/them) is a New York-based, San Francisco raised and Dublin-trained multidisciplinary artist. Their work combines AI-generated media, haunting sound design, and live audio mixing filtered through the human body. They’re interested in exploring the interstitial spaces where words, concepts, and imagery are lost in translation. Their current obsession is figuring out how to perform the action of AI processing live on stage through the body. Their work is radically queer and unexpectedly scientific. They hold a BA in Theatre and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley and is an MFA in Theatre candidate at Sarah Lawrence College. Recent line producing credits include The Care Cafe facilitated by Lois Weaver for Anu Productions, NY Pops Up, a six month initiative through the NY Governor’s office to bring the arts back to NYC during the COVID 19 pandemic, Live Collision International Festival 2020, and Curran Under Construction SF (2016-2016). Creative Producing credits include GirlPlay by Sarah Richardson (****The Stage), Initiation by Matthew Bratko & Frank Sweeney (Dublin Fringe Festival 2020 Commision), GAA MAAD (Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 Commision), SAUCE (***** The Irish Times). Website:

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