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Opportunities: Open Call: ZWISCHEN_RÄUMEN // MIĘDZY_MIEJSCAMI (Materia, Łódź, Poland / STUDIO2, Berlin, Germany) Deadline – 15.06.2023

Where: Materia, Łódź, Poland / STUDIO2, Berlin, Germany
When: 31.07.-13.08.2023 at Materia in Łódź, and from 17.-30.08.2023 at STUDIO2 (ITI) in Berlin
Deadline: 15.06.2023
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: none

Description Of Opportunity:

From 31.07.-13.08. 2023 Materia in Łódź, and from 17.-30.08.2023, STUDIO2 of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in Berlin will be each hosting one artistic research residency. The residencies are aimed at individual artists or groups of up to two artists from the field of dance, theatre, and performance (also interdisciplinary). The residencies will enable open-artistic research on a self-selected theme at each unique partner venue and the use of the specific local organizational infrastructure for the artistic work.

The aim of this cooperation project is to combine the working experiences and methods of the participating artists and cultural organizations in Poland and in Germany. The mutual exchange from different perspectives will enable the artists and organizations to expand their knowledge of what sustainable transnational support structures for artist residencies can look like. Each residency project should therefore include some participatory sequences based on the individual approach of the artists in residency, such as but not limited to public sharings, discussion rounds, digital publication, or workshop formats.

Moreover, there will be a joint conference in October in Łódź, which shall give the artists the opportunity to reconsider the work process during the residencies and get into an exchange with the other residents and the participating organizations.


Materia is a centre for contemporary dance and choreography based in Łódź, Poland. Since 2020, it has enabled the exploration of different movement methods in creative processes as well as in therapeutic contexts in dialogue with spectators, professionals, amateurs and researchers.

Located in the heart of Berlin, STUDIO2 as part of the International Theatre Institute Germany is an artistic center for exploring performative, documentary and interdisciplinary ideas as well as for teaching artistic techniques at the interface of dance, theatre and performance.

– Free use of the Medium Studio, size: 15 x 9 meters and adjoining spaces within the two-week residency
– Documentation of the residency process and/or results
– Photo documentation of the residency
– Organisational and content-related support as agreed and required
– Sight-seeing of Łódź guided by Materia
– Networking with the local art community
– Participation in the joint conference in Łódź


– Free use of the 165 sqm studio and adjoining spaces within the two-week residency
– Workspace in the Media Library for Dance and Theatre of the ITI
– Documentation of the residency process and/or results by the Media Studio of the ITI
– Organisational and content-related support as agreed and required
– Participation in the joint conference in Łódź


– The residency artist(s) (up to two) will receive a compensation of 500 Euros each
– The budget for accommodation and stay for each artist comes to 550 Euros
– We offer a mobility grant of up to 150 Euros each for those who will have to travel to Berlin or Łodz
– It is possible to bring family / companions to the residency, but the costs of their accommodation and travel shall be covered by the resident/s
– If you are a person with disability, please let us know about your needs during the residency and conference

How To Apply:


– Presentation of the artistic research concept with a clear and feasible research question on max. 1 page (approx. 2000 characters). The research concept should focus on the artistic research process of the self-selected theme within the two-week residency and not on the artistic result (mere artistic production projects can unfortunately not be considered)
– Confirmation of the possibility to participate in the joint conference in Łódź in October
– Applicants have to be of the age of 18+
– For the exchange programme Germany-based artists are only allowed to apply to the residency programme in Łódź
– Poland-based artists are only allowed to apply to the residency programme in Berlin. Artists can only apply to one residency programme at a time
– Short bio of all applicants (approx. 600 characters per person) including recent projects, education and background is required
– The applications will be viewed by the representatives of the institutions. Information will be given no later than the beginning of July.


Please fill out the chosen Google form (see website link) for the residency no later than 15.06.2023. Applications should be sent in English.

Contact Email:[email protected]

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