Kin-Hackt Body Instruments Collection – Arms (Ableton Live and Kinect)

This is one of the Body Instruments designed by Adriano Clemente for his project Kin-Hackt. This performance is one extract from the “Composition for Five Bodies and Kinect”. This is achieved with a 3D sensor (Kinect) able to map the joints of a human body, then tracking their movements which are translated to musical impulses. My art project is based on the idea of the body itself as the ultimate instrument of expression and communication, without the use of any other objects to hold, wear or touch. Interacting directly with a virtual sound-space, the essence of the expression is contained in the movement. The person performing is the composer, the music player, the instrument and even the orchestra. The possibilities of this new “instrument” are limited only by on...

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Digest: News for the week of October 23-39, 2009

Featured: Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio/Chiara Guidi (Italy) October 29th, 2009 Featured: DasArts School (Amsterdam, Holland) October 28th, 2009 [singlepic id=234 w= h= float=]Featured: AKHE, Russian Engineering Theatre (Russia) October 27th, 2009 [singlepic id=193 w= h= float=]In Performance: LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! (Berlin, Germany) October 26th, 2009