Artist Development

4 Steps to Writing a Successful Artist Statement

Artist Statements are one of the most important and frustrating documents for an artist or company to create. One way of relieving the anxiety around writing one is to come to terms with the fact that it is not a final document and will never be complete. It is alive and changing for as long as the artist is making work. Still, it is an intense document to start as it is both succinct, needing to be under a page, and all-encompassing, needing to clearly state the artist's intention, history, and forms. Below we have gathered a few techniques to help get you started or to take the opportunity to update your already existing Artist Statement.

8 Important Components to a Successful Artist Website – Artist Development Series: Creating/Reorganizing Your Artist/Company Website

Its the beginning of the year and what better time to sit down and think more intentionally about how we organize the hard part of our practice. BUSINESS/PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING. Future Productivity Posts in the Series: Create/Reorganize Your Artist/Company Website, How to Make a Press Packet, Social Media for Performing Artists, How to Write an Artist Statement, How to Write a short Artist Blurb or Bio, How to Make a Resume, What is a CV, Best Practices for Documenting Your Work, How to Talk To Presenter/Curators