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Opportunity: Open Call – Biennale College Teatro Workshops (Venice, Italy) Deadline – April 20, 2022

Opportunity: Open Call – Biennale College Teatro Workshops
Where: Venice, Italy
When: 24 June to 3 July, 2022
Deadline: April 20, 2022
Online Application: Scroll down to the “Masters” section and apply under each master workshop at

Description Of Opportunity:

The project Biennale College Teatro, an integral part of the artistic project 2022, in keeping with the spirit of the recent editions, is a place of hypothesis and comparison, constantly open to encounter and experimentation, in a process that can involve scholars, spectators and enthusiasts. A real factory of ideas on the possibilities of theatre: languages, codes, techniques, technologies, and sciences of the scene are the guidelines of a systematic verification entrusted to the Masters.

In addition to the chosen Masterclass, participants will also be required to attend – depending on their course and their stay in Venice – to scheduled activities, which will be subsequently detailed to the selected participants, together with the daily schedule of their course.

Thus, participants will fully live the educational experience with their favourite Maestro while widening their own experiential background. The whole festival will be used as a platform for comparison and growth of cultural values.

2022, Biennale TEATRO SEES ROT

After a long theatrical fast, from 24 June to 3 July, a new page will open for the 50th edition of the Biennale Teatro, marked by a salvific exit from the tunnel. The time has finally come to meet and find each other again; to come together and walk, hand in hand, along the red carpets of our theatres, sitting side by side on the red seats (which will once again be populated by passionate hearts and no longer by the inert cardboard silhouettes). The red curtain is ready to open completely, the time of a performance, on our battered yet conscious, combative, and vigilant community.

This is why the Biennale College 2022 will continue to be a forge, a workshop in which to lift and remove the veil of Isis. A welcoming place to support young creators – bricoleurs of possible ideas, according to Gilles Deleuze – in experiencing without prejudice new ways out, in focusing on horizons not perceivable to the naked eye, in affirming their singularity and artistic identity, in deconstructing crystallized geometries with surprising shifts and flourishes, in order to transfigure a world in full mutation. These new languages, hybrid and poetic, will be arranged as a counterpoint to the everyday unhealthy/naturalistic one and will open the way to further worlds in which to germinate a multifaceted imaginative capacity.

 Not only to train, but also to transmit “
Jerzy Grotowski

For Biennale College 2022, thus placed under the sign of transmission and training, as artistic directors, we will reiterate our responsibility and concern to support emerging creation, both in theatre and in contemporary dramaturgy and performance. We will continue with our commitment to be close to young people and their needs in order to help them identify the fundamental pillars on which the roots of their thinking and their expressive and communicative potential will rest, to point out their projects and make their works known. With a mosaic of 7 Masterclasses (including one dedicated exclusively to the finalists of the Call for Authors) we will also deploy, as a link between territories, cultures and generations, an eminent international corpus of Maîtres who will reveal to the new weavers of dreams the universes, the utopias and the decisive solutions of their personal specific languages. They will investigate the harsh borderlands between fantasy and reality, they will question the things they sincerely believe in, blur the ordinary vision to make the “miracle” explode in unexpected places and unveil the fascination of the invisible. They will also undertake a poetic perspective research and question the active principles of the ambivalent pigment ROT, which will embody, more than any other colour, the heuristic guideline of this edition of the Festival. Thus, armed with our personal experiences, Maîtres, disciples, artists and the public, all together we will give ROT the colour and firmness of common action and militant resistance, we will lend it the flame of strength of an ethical and barricaded struggle with a vital injunction to always act and rise up, overcoming the limits of a self-centred/individualistic positioning to conquer a collective breath – a providential bridge thrown in the abyss of loneliness that divides us one from the other – to abandon ourselves to a plural approach that does not obscure the painful truth of the many wounds, physical and not, that like red poppies stand out in the great ditch of blue thistle of these last two years of darkness.

Stefano Ricci  Gianni Forte

The Workshops:

How to Apply:

  • The call is open to candidates aged 18 years or over.
    Specific requirements are indicated in the presentation of each workshop.
  • The selection will be made at the sole discretion of the Artistic Directors of the Theatre department of the Biennale Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte in agreement with the Masters, based on the objectives and requirements of each workshop.
  • Each successful candidate will only be required to pay the secretariat fee (€ 80.00 VAT included, non-refundable) once they have been notified of their admission.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to buy a pass for a selection of the shows scheduled at the Festival at a reduced price.
  • The costs of participation (travel, food, accommodation) will be borne by the participants.
  • The Biennale will cover, for all selected participants, the costs of local public transport (vaporetto) for the duration of the workshop as well as related insurance during the activity.
  • Only one workshop may be applied for.
  • Applications for more than one workshop will NOT be accepted and only the first application sent will be considered.
  • The deadline for sending applications is April 20, 2022.
  • The outcome of the selection process will be communicated to all candidates by the second half of May 2022.
  • All candidates are required to fill in the online application form in its entirety and to attach the required digital documentation preferably in Italian (for Italian Masters) or English (for international Masters), unless otherwise specified by the Master.
  • For all workshops for which you are required to submit videos or attach documentation, please refer to the requirements indicated by each Master.
  • The workshops will be held in the language indicated by each Master.
  • Participation in the workshop implies compulsory attendance for the entire duration of the workshop.

To apply online, visit la Biennale website and apply directly to the workshops under “The Masters” sections

For further information
[email protected]

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