Festival Calls

Opportunities: CROSS Award (Italy) Deadline – 15th September 2020

Opportunity: CROSS Award Where: Italy When: from january 2021 Deadline: 15th september 2020 Online Application: http://www.crossproject.it/en/application/ Fee to Participate or Apply: 0 Description Of Opportunity: OPEN CALL CROSS Award 2020 – VI edition LIS Lab Performing Arts – in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo and Ricola – announces the fifth edition of the ‘International CROSS award’ for artists and companies in the field of performing arts and music, with particular attention to original productions focused on the close interaction between artistic creation and environment, understood as landscape, territory or community. With respect to the profound changes that shake our everyday life, CROSS Award 2020 aims to be an incubator of images and pr...

Opportunities: Aerowaves #Twenty21 Open Call (Elefsina, Greece) Deadline – 16 September 2020, at 12:00 CEST

Opportunity: Aerowaves #Twenty21 Open Call Where: Elefsina, Greece When: 6 – 9 May 2021 Deadline: 16 September 2020, at 12:00 CEST Online Application: Application form and information. Description Of Opportunity: Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe with a network of partners in 33 countries. The network is looking for the next Twenty talented emerging choreographers based in geographical Europe. You can now apply to become a Twenty21 artist for the opportunity to have your work presented at the Spring Forward festival next year in Elefsina (Greece) on 6 – 9 May 2021, and also by 27 of our partners around Europe. IMPORTANT RULE CHANGE As usual, previous Aerowaves applicants, successful or unsuccessful, may apply again – but not with the same work. However, an...

Opportunities: hungry eyes festival – festival at the intersection of film, performance and installation art (Gießen, Germany) Deadline – 31.08.2020

Opportunity: hungry eyes festival – festival at the intersection of film, performance and installation art Where: Gießen, Germany When: 5th -7th of February 2021 Deadline: 31.08.2020 Online Application: Fee to Participate or Apply: no Description Of Opportunity: For its fourth edition, hungry eyes festival is once again looking for artistic works that situate themselves at the intersection of film, performance and installation art and question film in an interdisciplinary way. This year hungry eyes festival will take place in the urban exhibition space KiZ (Kultur im Zentrum) and poses the question of how cinematic works can relate to, as well as challenge that space. A program consisting of short film series, performative and installative works will explore what constitutes the medi...

Opportunities: Young Urban Performances 2020 (Osnabrueck, Germany) Deadline – July 31, 2020

Opportunity: Young Urban Performances 2020 Where: Osnabrueck, Germany When: September 5, 2020 Deadline: July 31, 2020 Online Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfc5O4A6Cthoa29FfdWuNIajFmegeV7JOv4ZZxbAnLCeWbntA/viewform Fee to Participate or Apply: no Description Of Opportunity: When: September 5, 2020 Where: Public space, Osnabrück What: Long Durational live performances, installations & videos Who: Performance artists Until when: 31 July 2020 Between rest and sprint, in restless patience, new realities are created. Waiting offers space for reflection, new and lateral thinking. In exchange with oneself, in twos, but never more than in threes. Now we feel comfortable and uncomfortable in being alone, but we also love and hate what we have in common. Conecting the disc...

Opportunities: Open Call – Tanztage Festival Berlin Deadline Aug 2, 2020

Every year the Tanztage Berlin is the very first festival to kick off the new year in the city. Since it was founded in 1996, the festival has evolved into an important platform both nationally and internationally for upcoming choreographers in Berlin.

Opportunities: Open Call – Dystopia Festival – Sound Art (Berlin, Germany) Deadline July 1, 2020

Open Call – Dystopia Festival – Sound Art (Berlin, Germany)Deadline July 1, 2020Apply: Online The Dystopia Festival brings diverse sound art viewpoints together in an exhibition that deals with current dystopian moments, as well as those of an imagined future. Dystopias have gained immense importance in recent years. Not only in fiction, but also in reality, the dystopian signals have been increasing, whether by authoritarian-led states, in threats posed by global Internet corporations, by drastic climate developments – or, most recently, by the corona pandemic. The dystopian always carries the germ of the utopian within it however, even if only as a warning to us not to let things go so far- as we have witnessed during the Corona period, when, for example, Venice’s canals beca...

Opportunities: Be A Part Of The 2020 Spider Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia) Deadline – 27. May 2020

Opportunity: BE A PART OF THE 2020 SPIDER FESTIVAL Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia When: Between 17 and 20 June 2020 Deadline: 27. May 2020 Description Of Opportunity: Spider Festival, a festival of radical bodies, began to knit its web back in 2010 in Ljubljana under the umbrella of Pekinpah, while the artistic guidance is always in the hands of local artists. It brings together and interlaces bodies, thus opening a possibility for intense critical thematizations of a complex cultural-political atmosphere, social frictions and paradoxes, contemporary taboos and most urgent topics – through an artistic expression, of course. Unconventional approaches and discourses, anti-hegemonic objections and proposals of something better, new, hybrid genres, dance art which is ...

Opportunities: Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2020 Open Call (Nicosia, Famagusta, Limassol – Cyprus) Deadline – 31 May 2020

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival (BFPAF) showcases new and experimental work by local and international artists, challenges physical and artistic barriers, and creates opportunities for artists to meet and exchange ideas.

Opportunities: Call for Applications – SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival USA edition 2020 (Quartz Mountain, OK) Deadline – 26th of April 2020

The first U.S. edition of “SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Solo Dance Festival” will take place this Summer 2020, between the 30th of July and the 1st of August, in collaboration with Oklahoma International Dance Festival, at Quartz Mountain Resort Arts and Conference Center, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma.

Opportunities: Open Call – International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival, The Wonders of Possible, Kyber Theatre (Cagliari, Italy)

In November 2020, Kyber Theatre organizes in Cagliari (Italy) the 7th Edition of the International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival called “The Wonders of Possible”.

Opportunities: Festival (Rematia Theatre, Athens, Greece) Deadline – 03.04.2020

Our Festival’s coordinating team invites all artists from all different art spectrums to submit proposals regarding their participation to Our Festival 6, which will take place in September 2020 in Chalandri Athens at Rematia Theater.

Opportunities: Love Sharing International Theatre and Nonviolence Festival – 6th Edition – Madness and Revolution (Cagliari) Deadline – 30/04/2020

Organized by Theandric, a drama company taking an innovative and experimental approach to political theatre, “Love Sharing” is the first International Festival dedicated to the culture of peace and non- violence. Love Sharing Festival will be held in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) in October 2020.