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Opportunities: Open Call – PERFORMANCE GARTEN 9 : FRICTI9NS (Cologne) Deadline – 20.05.2022

Where: Cologne
When: 25.11.2022
Deadline: 20.05.2022
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: 0

Description Of Opportunity:

The 9th edition of Performance Garden with the title FRICTI9NS explores the vibrant contact zone between performance and moving images. It transplants itself spatially into the archetypal space of the first moving image, the cinema. In doing so, the project responds simultaneously to traditional lines of time-based media in performance art, to newly cultivated artistic production methods of performers in the home office, and to our changed perception of the cinema space, that we, in a pandemic-trained gaze, once again experience as an intimate place of communality and a bubble of physical presence.

Conceptually, the project takes up the phenomenon of friction, which is to be interpreted not only physically, but also in its social, political and ecological dimensions. Along with cultural theorist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, we understand friction as a »zone of awkward engagement«, as unequal, unstable and creative interaction across differences. The title FRICTI9NS also opens the way to the fictional, to the polyphony of narratives and stories in plural.

A one-day event with up to nine artistic positions is planned. Works of different medialities will be presented – from video works to performative-intervening actions. The project is site-specific in that the works performatively address the space of the cinema and its choreographies on different channels. In this way, the location and the works enter into equally productive frictional relationships as the media of performance and video.

The open call is aimed at regional, national and international artists, young and experienced artist alike. It is also intended for those who cannot or do not want to bring their bodies live to us at the moment. For those bodies who need a megaphone and the big screen. Send us your code, sound, video, intervention and appropriation of the cinematic space.

The artists invited on the basis of the open call will receive an expense allowance and – in the case of a live performance – a travel allowance. Accommodation costs cannot be covered.

How To Apply:

Apply by May 20, 2022 via the form on our website.

Contact Email:[email protected]

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