Feature: Lauren Argo (Kentucky, USA)Feature: Lauren Argo (Kentucky, USA)

Feature: Lauren Argo (Kentucky, USA)

Kentucky is known for a lot of things, but, let’s face it, contemporary art isn’t really one of them. That is rapidly changing. Over the next few months, I will introduce you to artists with Kentucky roots who are dedicated to performance and are helping to shape the dialogue far beyond the borders of the Bluegrass state. I first saw Lauren Argo’s work around 2007-2008 at Louisville’s always forward thinking Hotel 21C. Hotel 21c is a hotel but, more importantly, it is a contemporary art museum. So, it’s no surprise that this is where I first encountered Argo. As Rosalee Goldberg pointed out recently on Performa, performance has found a home in the modern museum because museums themselves have changed radically, from places of contemplative study to c...