Opportunities: Contemporary Performance Practices – 2021 summer intensive training (online -via Zoom) Deadline – July 9, 2021

Opportunity: Contemporary Performance Practices – 2021 summer intensive training Where: online (via Zoom) When: July 12-23, 2021 Deadline: July 9, 2021 Online Application: Fee to Participate or Apply: Free to apply, Cost to attend Description Of Opportunity: CPP/Contemporary Performance Practices, a summer intensive training program founded by WaxFactory‘s Ivan Talijancic is now accepting applications. Inaugurated in 2019, CPP 2021 was reimagined for the pandemic as a virtual training intensive, with the extraordinary participating of instructors from two world-renowned ensembles: New York’s SITI Company (co-founded by Anne Bogart) and Sasha Waltz & Guests company (Berlin, Germany.) CPP is accepting a limited numb...

Opportunities: OPEN CALL – TENDER ABSENCE International Festival “lone I some” (online) Deadline – 2021-06-13

Opportunity: OPEN CALL starts for lone I some at the international online-offline festival TENDER ABSENCE Where: online Deadline: 2021-06-13 Online Application: Fee to Participate or Apply: zero Description Of Opportunity: lone I some is a programme for the online-offline festival TENDER ABSENCE. We celebrate ‘glocality’ – artists worldwide are invited to participate. We offer a production budget of 1000€, tech support etc. Tender Absence: on- and offline festival for a playful get-together. Let’s celebrate ‚glocality’-we treasure local characteristics and its global connection beyond the physical localization. We open up a space for experiments that break through confines, create moments of intimacy between artist...

Opportunities: Auditions MA Performance Practices (Online, Arnhem, Netherlands) Deadline – June 6, 2021

Opportunity: Auditions MA Performance Practices Where: Online, Arnhem, Netherlands When: 21-27 June Deadline: 6th of June 2021 Online Application: yes Fee to Participate or Apply: Tuition Fees (2020-21): € 1,084 Description Of Opportunity: HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTICES and ArtEZ University of Arts is now open to applications from artists looking to join our Master’s programme from Autumn 2021! The ArtEZ Performance Practices programme welcomes independent and responsible artist-researchers, wishing to further, and more rigorously, advance their careers in performance art, live art, contemporary theatre, conceptual choreography, experimental dance or visual art. The Master Performance Practices is a two-year, low-residence, high-intensity master’s degree course offering 5 specia...

Opportunities: Online Course “New Technologies for Performance Art” (online) Deadline – May 6, 2020

Opportunity: Online Course “New Technologies for Performance Art” Where: online When: May 7-28, Fridays 6-8pm CET Deadline: May 6, 2020 Online Application: Fee to Participate or Apply: EUR 175 Description Of Opportunity: Online course: “New Technologies for Performance Art Part 1: An Introduction to the Extended Reality Spectrum and related Performance Work” This course is devoted to one of the most pertinent cultural trends of the present: immersion and its technologies. It addresses central questions such as: What does the turn to the immersive mean for us? Why is it happening? Who benefits ? How is it changing the way we create, share, and preserve art and culture? How does it transform the field of p...

Opportunities: Open Call – Wirtualne Muzeum Antropocenu “Endless Hunger” (Online) – Deadline April 3, 2021

Wirtualne Muzeum Antropocenu announces an international open call for our next exhibition “Niezaspokojony Głód//Endless Hunger”. From March 15 – April 3rd, 2021 we invite artists — regardless of background, education and nationality to submit works to our inaugural exhibition.

Opportunities: Online Course: “Rules of the Game”: an Introduction to Task-based Performance Art (online) Deadline – April 4, 2021

The focus of this course is the critical and practical consideration of these creative constraints as we examine the practice of using task-led activities as a means to conceive and compose performance. Weekly discussions and practical experiments are informed by selected critical reading and examples of case study artists (e.g. Calle’s ‘Rules of the Game’, Cage’s ‘Chance procedures’ and Goat Island’s ‘Directives’).

Opportunities: Online Course – Performance Art: From Idea to Execution (online) Deadline – February 28, 2021

The main objective of this course is to prepare the participants to develop an idea into a live performance art piece. In the process, participants will practice how to think critically about performance art and find their unique way of expression. In order to gain historical and disciplinary perspective, participants will learn about precedents such as Futurism and DADA, the development of the scene in various parts of the world, leading artists such as Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic, or Vito Acconci, as well as crucial festivals and exhibitions.

Opportunities: Online course – Performance Art Archives and Documentation (online) Deadline – February 28, 2021

This online course examines how the time-and site-specific experience of performance art is translated into physical material with sustainability. It investigates into the relation of physical remains to ephemeral artistic practice, their meaning for the inscription into history, and ways of use for artists, scholars, and curators.

Join the School of Disobedience Classes and Fight Club (Online and Budapest, Hungary)

"School of Disobedience" is a nomadic, experimental and non-formal performance art school and fight club at the same time, based on questioning, criticizing, protesting, resisting and defying. Composed of thematic classes, the program introduces the concepts of oppression, domination, exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness and violence from a critical feminist perspective.

Audition for a High Performance Dance Programme (Terrassa (Barcelona) Deadline – February the 14th

Opportunity: Audition for a High Performance Dance Programme Where: Terrassa (Barcelona) When: March the 6th Deadline: February the 14th Online Application: Fee to Participate or Apply: Free Description Of Opportunity: The PAR en Dansa is a 40 hours per week High Performance Programme, directed by Rodolfo Castellanos. It offers technical development and individualized monitoring to the dancers, who work as a company with their own productions. The Terrassa Cultural Center serves as a platform for dancers to establish direct contact with international companies programmed in the city. How To Apply: Fill out the form for an online or onsite audition on our website: Contact Website: https:...

Opportunities: Open Call 5th Forma y Sustancia International Performance Art Festival (Online) Deadline – 01/20/2021

Forma y Sustancia International Performance Art Festival warmly invites artists to submit proposals for the fifth edition of FORMA Y SUSTANCIA International Performance Festival, organized by RACA. There are no restrictions regarding topics of themes: you choose what interests you. Because of the current worldwide situation, the festival will be held online, including screenings in some spaces that are yet to be defined.

Opportunities: OBDK Open Call (Berlin) Deadline – 15.01.2021

The Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts (ODBK) invites visual artists from all countries, working in all kinds of mediums to present an artwork proposal for an exhibition that motivates and inspires equality, diversity and democracy for the art world.

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