Apple Is Testing Watch-Like Device

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In Performance: Andrew Schneider’s YOUARENOWHERE at PS122’s COIL Festival

Putting James Turrell’s immaculate neon-and-fog aesthetic through a glitched-out performance art blender, Andrew Schneider’s latest virtuoso display of light and sound athleticism is a breakneck tour of quantum physics theory with a sudden and decisive turn toward the supernatural. Schneider (who recently left his post as a performer and designer at The Wooster Group) performs with an assurance and fluidity that belies the sophistication of the mechanics behind his performance: an army of micro-controllers operating minutely tuned lighting and sound cues, characterized by extreme precision. Watching Schneider, the feeling is of witnessing an enormously complex machine executing a complicated task—and the machine is breaking down. YOUARENOWHERE reveals Andrew Schneider to be among the most ...

Books: Performance, Technology, & Science

Performance, Technology, & Science Johannes Birringer Performance, Technology, & Science by Johannes Birringer explores convergences between performance and science through an investigation of new technologies that drive computer-mediated, interactive art. In tracing the evolution of digital performance within a particular history of engineering and theatre that now expands to a wide range of practices in design, dance, architecture, fashion, games, music, robotics, telematic performance, and ‘post-production’ theatre, the author focuses on interactive performance, installation and Internet art. Internationally known practitioners and their works are introduced to formulate provocative ideas on computation, complexity, emergence and self-organizing systems in contempora...