In Performance – Jack Ferver and Mark Swanson: Two Alike May 17–19, 2009 (NYC)

Photo: RicOrnel Productions
Jack Ferver and Mark Swanson: Two Alike
512 W 19th Street, New York, NY 10011
Thursday–Saturday, May 17–19, 8pm
Tickets $15

Photo: RicOrnel Productions

Two Alike, a collaboration between Jack Ferver and Marc Swanson, is a visceral and darkly humorous performance exploring the shattering effects of abused queer youth. Existing in an alter-space housing childhood fantasies and turbid adult obsessions, Ferver acts as the emotive flesh and voice inside of Swanson’s eerie mirrored set/sculpture. The performance twists and turns between past and present, with text ranging from pastoral prose to the jarringly confessional, and haunting choreography built from interviews between the two artists, improvisation, and states of trance.

Two Alike premiered as part of the first co-presentation between Diverse Works and the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston.

Choreographed and Written by Jack Ferver
Set by Marc Swanson
Associate Director: Joshua Lubin-Levy
Music: Roarke Menzies
Costume: Reid Bartelme


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