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Performance Diary – Perilous Togetherness – Young Boy Dancing Group

Opportunities: Art in Odd Places 2024 CARE (New York City) Deadline – May 26, 2024

Sibyl Kempson – Episode 05.02 SLC Performance Lab

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  • The evening with Young Boy Dancing Group was an immersive tapestry of human connection. They dismantled barriers through their use of space and audience interaction, inviting us to reconsider the esse…
  • Art in Odd Places invites applications for their 2024 CARE edition, a public art festival on NYC's 14th Street from Oct 18-20. Curated by Patricia Miranda and Christopher Kaczmarek, artists can apply …
  • Opportunity: Solo Dance Contest Where: Klub Żak, Gdańsk, Poland When: 26-30.08.2024 Deadline: 17.05.2024 Online Application: Fee to Participate or Appl…
  • The SLC Performance Lab, run by Sarah Lawrence College and, interviews Sibyl Kempson. Kempson, a well-recognized playwright and performer, has international credits and num…
  • The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2025 invites artist proposals by March 8, 2024, for a January event. No fee required. Seeking responses to current global concerns, the call is for ideas showcasing a …
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