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How to blog or embed links to your outside blog on the CP Network

How to Embed links to your outside blog in your profile.

You can post your rss feed (links to posts) from your outside blog onto your profile page. In the bottom left hand column there is a section called rss. if you click on edit, you can put your rss feed URL from your outside blog there. Then you can drag that section onto the main part of your profile. The feed will either show just the titles or the title and a short excerpt. When people click on these they will be directed to the post on your outside blog site.

How to blog directly on your profile and be featured on the main page.

To make you’re own blog post, look in the upper right hand corner of the page where is says your name and has the inbox, alerts, friends, and settings. Just below that is a drop down menu that reads “Quick Add”. If you click on that you will see the option to make a blog post. Once you have made your post it will show up on your profile page and also on the main page of the site.

Caden Manson
Contemporary Performance Network Administrator

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