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PM4 Online.Video.Festival: Wrap Up

We’ve finished our PM4 Online.Video.Festival and we would like to thank everyone that sent in their submissions and visited the posts while we were running the festival. We had such a hugh response of submissions and visits that we decided to start our own Facebook like network to help the more than 2500 readers of the blog connect. If you didn’t see your video during the festival please join us over at Contemporary Performance Network, start a profile and upload you video, pictures, bio, and more. It will be like a year around festival.

Below is a wrap up of the PM4 Online.Video.Festival (click to link).

P4M Online.Video.Festival.DAY01: Meg Stuart (Belgium), les ballets C de la B / Alain Platel (Belgium)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY02: Controllar (Netherlands), John Jahnke/Hotel Savant (USA)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY03: Kalup Linzy (USA), Ryan Trecartin (USA)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY04:Romeo Castellucci – Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (Italy) NSYW

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY05: David Levine (Berlin, Germany), Jérémie Dres (Paris, France)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY06:Andrey Bartenev (Moscow, Russia), Russell Higgs (London, UK)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY07: Proto-type Theater (UK), die urbanauten (Munich, Germany)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY08: Sunn 0))) (USA), Richard Maxwell/NYC Players (NYC, USA)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY09: The Wooster Group (USA)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY11: Christian Rizzo (Paris, France)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY12: Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez (Brussels, Belgium)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY13: Robert Wilson (USA)

P4M.Online.Video.Festival.DAY14:XLABFACTORY (Italy), Aaron Landsman (USA), Philipp Gehmacher (Austria), Colin Gee (USA)

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Caden Manson is a director, media artist, and teacher. He is co-founder of the media ensemble and network, blog, and publisher, He has co-created, directed, video- and set designed 18 Big Art Group productions. Manson has shown video installations in Austria, Germany, NYC, and Portland; performed PAIN KILLER in Berlin, Singapore and Vietnam; Taught in Berlin, Rome, Paris, Montreal, NYC, and Bern; the ensemble has been co-produced by the Vienna Festival, Festival d’Automne a Paris, Hebbel Am Ufer, Rome’s La Vie de Festival, PS122, and Wexner Center for The Arts. Caden is a 2001 Foundation For Contemporary Art Fellow, is a 2002 Pew Fellow and a 2011 MacDowell Fellow. Writing has been published in PAJ, Theater Magazine, and Theater der Zeit. Caden is currently an associate professor and graduate directing option coordinator of The John Wells Directing Program at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama.

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