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Member Spotlight: Michel Melamed (Rio de Janeiro Brazil)

MICHEL MELAMED is a poet, writer, director and performer of The Brazilian Trilogy (Regurgitophagy, Free Money and Musicman) and author of the self-title books. Among many locations, Regurgitophagy was presented in New York (twice), Paris/ France, Berlin/ Germany, etc. Michel is also the creator, host and artistic director of several TV shows. He was one of the founders and directed the project CEP 20.000 – Experimental Poetry Center of the Rio de Janeiro city. He is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab ’07 and The Internationalists group.

1. Can you tell us a little about your work, your history and your performative concerns.
Wow, a lot of stuff… But trying to resume: I’ve been working for the last 20 years – started at 16 years old. My work is about crossroads, I mean, over borders: theater, tv, literature, music, etc. I believe that a good point for art is try to take out the audience out of its comfortable place and this proceeding (different artistic languages overlap) is a good start – besides my interest in the various media and the submission to my own incoherent and desires … This question about “a comfortable place”, as the french philosopher Jacques Rancière wrote, means renew the perception of life… In other words: creativity. A puzzled look, poetic about things… Otherwise I believe art is one of the last spaces for social “free-thinking”. Thus, the use of that freedom for the transgression of established values becomes a responsibility. And if I can still dine out at a cozy restaurant … It will be perfect. Oh, coherence versus the electric bill again?!

2. What are you working on now?
I’m moving right now (may/ 2011) from Rio to NYC for 6 months – a theater grant from brazilian government (Funarte Performing Arts Residence Program). A lot of plans: a new piece, a documentary about this process… So, let’s get together for a coffee? I’m really interested talk about possible plans, partnerships, exchanges knowledge, etc. What do you say? Yes, you, reading this interview.

3. What are your biggest performative obstacles for yourself in this new work
Money, as usual… We are talking about art… Because about the process is always a complete bloody mess: always trying to do something new for you, a challenge… Conclusion: the work with self is the biggest obstacle. To create is to confront the unknown, right?

4. What was the last piece that you saw that you would recommend to the Network?
“Ninguém falou que seria fácil” by Felipe Rocha. Why? Made me sad. I mean, there is an “anima” there. A legitimate effort to create a flow between inside and outside…

NOVELA VERMELHA – Campeões de Audiência PGM 5 from michel melamed on Vimeo.

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