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In Performance

In Performance: Jeremy Wade at Tanz im August (Berlin, Germany)

In Performance: Jeremy Wade at Tanz im August (Berlin, Germany)

© Timon Jansen

Jeremy Wade has been living and working in Berlin as a dancer, choreographer and curator since 2006. In the context of Tanz im August, he will offer an insight into the work and research process for his »Identity & Transgression« production (premiere: December 2011). In the course of several months, he will test, polish and share questions, training and methods from his research with theoreticians, musicians, dancers and the local public. The excerpt presented at the festival, »Identity and Transgression in progress«, includes the following parts:

Creature Feature #13
HAU 2 › 12. Aug › Following the festival opening with »Dance« by Lucinda Childs ›  free admission

Showing & Lecture Demonstration
by & with Jeremy Wade & Eike Wittrock
HAU 3 › 14. Aug / 18 h › 7 € › ermäßigt 5 € › 60 min

Workshop with Presentation and Conversation
Somatic Exploration, Writing and Speaking ›7 day Workshop with Jeremy Wade, Peter Pleyer & Eike Wittrock › in English
HAU 3 › 19. – 25. Aug / 10 – 13 h & 15 – 17 h

Jeremy Wade has been teaching his ›Articulating Disorientation‹ method since 2006. It is a deconstructive somatic practice that works on the paradox of failure in the simultaneous use of directives and surrender. In the course of his research on »Identity and Transgression«, Wade adds a new element to this body practice: speaking and writing to articulate exceptional sensory states. The participants will work together with Wade, Peter Pleyer and Eike Wittrock on verbalizing and writing about real and imagined perceptions under the motto »Making the Nature See«. At the conclusion of the workshop, this work will be presented and a talk held on August 26th at 6 pm at HAU 3. (

at Tanz im August
AUG 12-28, 2011
Berlin, Germany

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.

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