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Highlights: Centrale Fies Drodesera Festival July 20-27 2012 (Dro, Italy)


Centrale Fies
Località Fies 1
38074 Dro, TN
tel. +39 0464 504700
fax +39 0464 504733

Below are Contemporary Performance Network’s Highlights. Full Program can be viewed here–>


20.07 h 20.30
turbina 2
40 min

Dewey Dell is part of the Fies Factory project

“Grave” is an Italian word which indicates something that has a weight, that is subject to the force of gravity. The movement of this short performance is about the sensation of a precipitating body, the slowness of its gestures while gravity makes it crashing to the ground, at a stratospheric speed. The moment is firm in the speed. A motionless moment inside the speed of a body which knows it’s going to crash to the ground.


20.07 h 21.30
21.07 h 21.00
turbina 1
75 min

With A louer (For Rent), the Peeping Tom theatre dance company again invites us to an improbable place. Once there, the interior design revealed behind huge red curtains charts the contours of an endless den, imitating the famous lines of impossible constructions.
A grandiose place, which seems to rid itself of time and space so as to accommodate better the constant toing and froing of odd characters guided by strange obsessions. These characters act, sing and dance with brilliance and virtuosity, at the furthermost bounds of the real world and of artistic performance. The characters seem to immerse themselves in their actions to the point where they lose sight of many of their points of reference in a place that has no wish to become frozen but that reveals superbly the issues at play in the dramatic space.


22.07 h 12.00
10 min

Mezzogiorno di fuoco (High noon) is not only the title of this project. It is also a basic condition for its accomplishment.
This performance tries to exploit sun as a source of energy. A motorcycle built in order to achieve a single goal moves in a circuit. That goal consists in making a jump.
The audience become more and more passive, because it is not so satisfied as the actor is, because technical aspects prevail.
It all happens in a moment: a single moment that can even be eclipsed by a sneeze.
All the project is like a vicious circle: a track, a vehicle and its fuel.
Divided and re-assembled in the wrong way. Paradoxically, in order to function, it needs the same light that it eclipses.


21.07 h 23.45
22.07 h 22.00
sala comando
to de audience discretion

Folk-s is a performative and choreographic practice focusing on time. The work came to life while thinking about ancient folk dances as popular phenomena that have survived contemporaneity. The “Schuhplattler” is a typical Bavarian and Tyrolean dance. The meaning is “shoe batter” because it literally consists in hitting one’s shoes and legs with one’s hands.
In Folk-s, this dance is conceived and executed to point to a pre-existent and primitive form of thought. Dance as a rule, a dictatorship, flux of images that follow the rhythm and the form, not the content. Thus, for the performers of Folk-s, there’s no other time than the present, a time that is not-past and not-future. It’s the infinite insistence of the tide against the sand, the endless return of the same wave to the same shore. It’s sound. In the repetition, geographically and culturally decontextualized, the folk material finds its clearest revelation.

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