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Featured: “Celebração” at Culturgest (Lisbon, Portugal)

CELEBRAÇÃO is a festival of dance and performance, designed by artists living and working in Lisbon, and offering spectators a weekend of shows and talks – an opportunity for experiencing new ways of thinking and acting together.
CELEBRAÇÃO will create closer ties between the audience and the artistic community in what promises to be an encounter with the Other, an encounter with Lisbon, in an initiative that creates affinities and explores principles of joint experimentation, questioning the conditions under which we will exist in the future.
CELEBRAÇÃO is not a cartography of Dance and Performance made in Lisbon, nor a portrait of generation or of a group of artists while being young. It is an invitation to look at a snip or an outline of difference and multiplicity who insists on working here and now, trying an idea together.
CELEBRAÇÃO is this time and this space, showcasing here and now various poetic worlds at different moments of experimentation, consolidation and existence.


CELEBRAÇÃO is made by Andresa Soares, António Júlio, António Pedro Lopes, Cláudio da Silva, Elizabete Francisca, Gui Garrido, Hermann Heisig, João Calixto, Lígia Soares, Márcia Lança, Marianne Baillot, Nuno Lucas, Pieter Ampe, Rita Natálio, Sofia Dias, Teresa Silva, Vânia Rovisco e Vítor Roriz, among many others.
The guests will bring 1800 nails, 30 boards, 38 battens, a compressor, the inexhaustible energy, though volatile, of teenage boys, a body porous to spatial connections and internal and external physics of potential (ir)realities, an applause which causes a rain of vegetables, the handsome man approaching the beautiful woman at the sound of International, choreographic mediated relationships, a sense of failure and problem, an exercise in displacement or a test of surviving a threat, a happy hour of anthropophagic rituals, a strong meeting between humor and monstrosity and a monologue in three voices directed by a conductor.

Thursday November 1
19:30 – Opening of the Small Auditorium Lobby Duration: 1h · Admission free
21h – Morning Sun
Small Auditorium · Duration: 55 min · 5 € (Single ticket for 2 shows of the day)
22:30 – Still Standing You
Small Auditorium · Duration: 50 min · 5 € (Single ticket for 2 shows of the day)

Friday 2 November
21h – The Archaic, Looking Out, The Night Knight
Small Auditorium · Duration: 30 min · 5 € (Single ticket for 2 shows of the day)
22h – Measure It In Inches
Small Auditorium · Duration: 50 min · 5 € (Single ticket for 2 shows of the day)
23h – Cabaret Curto & Grosso

the Small Auditorium Lobby · Duration: 90 min · Admission free

Saturday November 3rd
18h – Picnic Conversa Afiada

Small Auditorium Lobby · Duration: 2h · Admission free
20:30 – Nada do que dissemos até agora teve a ver comigo
Room 1 · Duration: 30 min · 2 €
21:30 – A Peça Vermelha
Room 2 · Duration: 25 min · 2 €
22.30 – Um Espanto não se Espera
Small Auditorium · Duration: 45 min · 2 €

Sunday November 4
15.30 – Jogo das Perguntas
Room 1 Length 60 min · · Admission free
17h – Uma estadia de 30 min.
Small Auditorium · Duration: 30 min · 2 €
18h – Arremesso IV
Room 2 · Duration: 30 min · 2 €
19h –Pongo Land
Small Auditorium · Duration: 45 min · 2 €
20h – Conversa balanço e Auto Publicação
Small Auditorium lobby · Duration: 1h · Admission free

Friday 2, Saturday 3 and Sunday, November 4
O Ato da Primavera
Room 3 · Admission free
Fundação Caixa Geral de Depósitos – Culturgest
Edifício Sede da Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Rua Arco do Cego, Piso 1
1000-300 Lisboa
21 790 51 55
[email protected]


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Two actors, while shooting a movie, had to start a new scene after had supposedly ran a long distance. One of the actors went running before shooting the scene to feel tired. When he came back, sweaty, breathless, ready, the other actor asked: "Why don't you just pretend?" For me, theatre is about pretending but, at the same time, experience becomes the best performance.

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