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In Performance: Keeping It In the Family (24hr performance) at Glasshouse

Jade Yumang, Sara Jimenez and Michael Watson
Performing Restraint, 2012 – 8-hour endurance performance – Photo credit: Alicia DeBrincat

Keeping it in the Family
December 14th at 6pm through December 15th at 6pm

Glasshouse Projects
246 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

The performance is open to the public, walk-ins are welcome between 6pm-2am Friday & 10am-6pm Saturday. Free entrance, but donation of $10 includes a complimentary drink & bowl of homemade soup.

24hr Fridays at Glasshouse continues this month with a 24 hour long performance by Jade Yumang, Michael Watson and Sara Jimenez.

Keeping it in the Family
Conflating their heritage, upbringing, gender, sexuality and obsessive impulses, Sara Jimenez, Michael Watson, and Jade Yumang will be stretching the limits of familial ties through a series of movements in duration of 24 hours in a multi-level space. Within this structure lies a feast that acts as a framework for the trio to construct and dismantle through installation and performative acts.

Glasshouse is an artistic home-laboratory of artists Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry. It’s aim is to promote artistic experiences that are based on participatory, performance and time-based art in the domestic sphere. The space is constantly transforming from a home into a stage, a playground, a classroom and so on, making the domestic environment a platform of constant physical and mental exploration. The space hosts performance evenings and an international residency program, where artists from around the world are invited to create performance art projects. Public is invited to visit.

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