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In Performance: SOAK festival — a deluge of acts and training in butoh, dance, and performance art

Debuting at CAVE, May 24th - June 21st

Opening at CAVE, May 24th – June 21st

SOAK is a festival presenting a deluge of acts and workshops in theater, butoh, dance, and performance art every spring over four weeks in May and June. SOAK is molded by LEIMAY at their Brooklyn home CAVE, as well as at some off-site venues.

SOAK broadens the perceptions of our artists and audiences with work that is experimental, rigorous, and thought-provoking. The festival showcases finished and in-progress work by international, local and resident artists and blends them together in a concoction that inspires audiences, fuels the artists, and stimulates the community surrounding LEIMAY’s activities.

SOAK features workshops and performances by international butoh dancers Yuko Kaseki and Moeno Wakamatsu, performances by Maximilian Balduzzi, Ben Spatz, Sabrina Lastman, Samita Sinha, LEIMAY’s ensemble dancers, Alex Franz Zehetbauer, Terra Incognita Theater, AliveWire Theatrics, Jeremy Goren, Adriane Lee, Suiso Ogawa, Yu Nishikawa, Theresa Magario, and James Gardella. Furthermore, workshops will be offered by voice and body performer Ben Spatz, dancer Rujeko Dumbutshena, LEIMAY Artistic Director Ximena Garnica, and voice performer Sabrina Lastman.

Closing out the festival on June 21st and coinciding with Make Music New York, LEIMAY will host a block party in front of CAVE at 58 Grand Street with a Pot-Luck BBQ, raffle, and live music by Xenia Rubinos, Rioux + Stephon, Prism House, Big Volcano, Possibly Apostrophe, and Jeremy Slater, with a special slot at 3pm for a bring your own instrument jam time.


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Raul Zbengheci is inspired by monolithic social housing left over after the Communist regime in Bucharest. These are buildings that speak louder than anyone who inhabits them, they are buildings that create visions and ghosts for anyone surrounded by them. For Collectif Experiencia, he uses these memories of monumental constructions to create stage spaces that serve as speaking skeletons, superficial and waiting to be filled by bodies and movements that will redefine the spaces themselves. When considering the stage, he uses light to redefine and reconstruct the space with the idea that a precise structure on the outside can allow for greater abstraction within the limits it has imposed. Zbengheci is also a photographer and writer. In photography, he uses the same ideas he expresses for the stage, composing spaces rather than capturing them. His first book, Tryin’ to Find Another Place, is in final revision. The project nicesentences aims to find a style of writing detached from context and minimal, visceral as well as aesthetic. He lives in New York where he is the Editor-in-Chief of Connectom, LEIMAY-CAVE's online artist network and publication. He is also the co-founder of Collectif Experiencia.

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