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The guardian body of the sense – towards a dramaturgy of the empty

Conducted by Chiara Alborino and Fabrizio Varriale – Compagnia Danza Flux

Itinerant workshop of body writing
in collaboration with Asilo (Ex-Asilo Filangieri), Teatro Piccolo Bellini in Naples, Italy

Starting from ourselves, as travelers towards an awareness of our own space and time from which we cannot separate, as bringing meanings, as a resonance of the lived experience, to be exposed, in relationship, in contact, from a presence to another, a disposition in letting come or go, an invitation or coming back before each kind of meaning, an experience, an access to reality. To look for an action that transforms continuously the subject in his appearing and subtracting, a lost of limits that generates a co-existence of bodies searching for a contact with the world, a way to bend and create some ripples that reveal its consistence.

The body as freedom in doing experience.
The laboratory inspires on the reading of the French philosopher Jean Luc Nancy.

Through this laboratory Compagnia Danza Flux wants to start a new process of coreographic and dramaturgic research, based on the interaction between places and people, delineating a map of some questions that deal with the research that it will bring forward in 2014 through different residential steps for a new production.
When and where:
14/15/16/ February 2014 – at Asilo (Ex Asilo Filangieri) in Naples
h 11.00 a.m. /05.00 p.m.

10/11/12 March 2014 – at Teatro Piccolo Bellini in Naples
h 6.00/9.00 p.m.

Who can take part to the laboratory:
Dancers, actors and people coming from every kind of experience.

How to participate:

calling.: mobile(+39) 338.5888157
sending an e- mail to: , writing “The guardian body of the sense” –name, surname and telephone number.

Promotional fee:
40 euros for the first stage at l’Asilo (Ex Asilo Filangieri)in Naples, Italy
50 euros for the second stage at Teatro Piccolo Bellini in Naples, Italy
70 euros for both stages

The participants that will attend both stages of the laboratories will have the possibility to follow free the training of the company during the period of rehearsals

They will also pay a reduction on the ticket to see the show of the Compagnia Danza Flux “Horse Boy in Apnea” with the direction and coreography of Chiara Alborino and Fabrizio Varriale, the installation ‘Cavallo invisibile’ by the italian regist Davide Iodice and the co-production of Fondazione Campania dei Festival (E45 Napoli Fringe Festival), on 14, 15 and 16 Marzo 2014 in Teatro Piccolo Bellini in Naples, Italy.

Production and venue of Compagnia Danza Flux:
Danza Flux – centro internazionale di ricerca sul movimento e nuova danza

via Francesco Crispi 121, 80122 Napoli – Italia
tel.: 081.0322217 –mobile: (+39) 338.5888157
e -mail :

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