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Opportunities: Interim Is Seeking Work For The Body Issue (Online) Deadline – 03/01/2018

Interim is seeking work for the Body issue (Online) April 2018
Deadline: 03/01/2018
Online Application:
Fee to Apply: $3

Description Of Opportunity:
Interim: a Journal of Poetry and Poetics is publishing a special themed issue in April on the body. We are seeking works that use multimedia and poetry (video poems, dance poems, sound art poems, poetic performance art, poetic video art, etc. that expand the definition of what poetry is and can be).

Specifically, we’re looking for work that engages the body, in all its multifariousness; writing that answers the query: What does it mean to be (a/some/any) body? Subjects can include, but aren’t limited to: the performative body, Earth’s body, racialized bodies, queer bodies, gendered bodies, Whitman’s idea of the body electric, the body politic, technologized bodies, the body and illness, the pathologized body, (dis) abled bodies, etc.— We are honestly looking for any essential work that originates clearly from a body, that lives on the earth that is herself, another body.

We are excited about texts that work with performance, sound, video, and multimedia technology, and that engage with the kinesthetics of the moving body.

How To Apply:
Please submit your work via our Submittable page:

Contact Email:[email protected]





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