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Opportunities: Open Call – Performancy Forum: Civic Reflex (Brooklyn, NY) Deadline: March 1, 2018

Organized as/by Brooklyn International Performance Art Foundation (BIPAF) and Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) as a part of PERFORMANCY FORUM.

PERFORMANCY FORUM: CIVIC REFLEX is a collective performance/social art project involving: 1) the formation of a self-reflexive collective of 20 artists/groups 2) a series of 5 public forum events and 3) an online blog substantiating and framing “civic” “civil” and “reflexive” performance practices and performative theoretics.

Curatorial committee meeting: March 7, 2018
Selected artists/groups notified: March 12, 2018 and asked to confirm participation by March 19, 2018
Project and participant list announced and blog launched March 21, 2018

Public forums followed by 3 performances/presentations per evening take place on Saturdays, 5pm-10pm in 2018: April 28, May 26, September 29, October 20, November 10

20 artists/groups will be selected by a peer committee. Each will perform/present on one of the five Saturday nights. In addition to performing/presenting about their “own” work, the selected 20 artists/groups must attend and participate in the other forum evenings. Each artist/group will receive an honorarium of $150. The 20 artists/groups will also be invited to update the blog with thoughts, scores, images, diagrams, statements, essays, and personal responses in any language/form/style. Audience members, public participants and those present at any of the forums will also be able to contribute to the blog.

Artists/groups may propose to perform a new work or to present an ongoing project. ALL WORK SHOULD ENGAGE IDEATION OF “CIVIC REFLEX” in its modes of performance and production, its forms of reaction and responsibility, and its direct materialization of “civic” and “civil” embodiment. Performances may take forms of meeting, group task, workshop, social practice, framing of past, current, or imagined civic organization/intervention/action, participatory performance, personal/cultural expression, reflexive practice into personal/cultural/political civic context, civil rights, and related conceptual and practical inquiry.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line CIVIC REFLEX by March 1. Please also include responses to the following questions. You may also include any other information you feel is relevant, perhaps a paragraph of why and how you’d like to be involved in this, any links to your work/projects if available, bio, etc.

ARE YOU AVAILABLE IN PERSON (in Brooklyn, NY) AT LEAST 4 OUT OF THE 5 FORUM EVENINGS? (April 28, May 26, September 29, October 20, November 10) please specify any date you are not able to be present and any date(s) that you would not be able to perform/present.

RESPONSE TO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: How can civic reflexes be exercised beyond (and despite) corporatocratic fascism, white supremacist industrial complexes and systems, ecocidal agendas, and so on? How are “we” (un)civilized? What does it mean to be “civil” with one another? How might “one/we/you” rupture, reform, reimagine “civilization,” including transportation, resource distribution, currency and capital, institutional education and health, enculturation paradigms, self-determinations and social substantiates? How do each of us perform “within” and “without” different scaled and layers of bio-organization, economic and political stratification, categorization, and other “civic” and “civil” orders? What are civil rights? What are civic rights? How do we perform civic responsibility (including and/or beyond current largely-dysfunctional “engagements” such as voting, tax-paying, jury-sitting, legally self-identifying, laboring, and so on)?

How do fugitive and stealth tactics, divestment, situational construction, BUFU, intervention, radical softness, caretaking, acts of radical queer joy, spiritual and metaphysical relationships and phenomena, and quantum transfiguration relate with, dismantle, and/or become “civic duties”?

NOTE: artists/groups may also be involved in PPL’s companion program 9 PROPOSITIONS throughout 2018.



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