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Opportunities: Open Call: ’Architecture of Skagen’ Workshop and Exhibition (Skagen, Denmark) Deadline – 03/09/2018

Open Call: ’Architecture of Skagen’ Workshop and Exhibition (Skagen, Denmark) April 8 – April 15
Deadline: 03/09/2018
Online Application:
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Description Of Opportunity:

The workshop ’Architecture of Skagen – Before and Now’ is an international workshop with the aim of developing and executing an exhibition with one theme experienced through a variation of approaches.

The town of Skagen is the northernmost town in Denmark and located on the top of the Jutland peninsula. It is widely known for the Scandinavian artist colony ‘Skagensmalerne’, who gathered and worked in Skagen from the late 1870s until the turn of the century.

Skagen’s architecture history is popularly referred to as ”black, yellow, red” based on the color of the building mass over three periods of time. But the architecture in Skagen is far more than just the colors of the buildings, and the colors of the buildings are far more than just black, yellow and red.

The architecture and history of Skagen is exciting, colorful and filled with clashes and meetings between people. For example, meetings between local fishermen and traveled artists. Two groups of people who together and in their own way have put their mark on the city and not least the physical frameworks, which today are an important and very visible part of Skagen.

The workshop aims to illuminate the town’s architectural and historical development seen through the eyes of current architects, designers and artists.

The worldfamous architect Jørn Utzon created a unique architectural building in Skagen. The purpose was to house exhibitions about the distinctive landscape of the area. Now this building is transforming into a centre of nordic design and architecture. With an emphasis on collaboration and education.

The participants will be expected to take part in a two day workshop with focus on the town, the exhibition space and the development of individual concepts. After the two days and the presentations of all developed concepts a space will be assigned to each project and there will be five days to execute and finalise all projects. Materials are included in the workshop – be it posters or bricks.

International participants from the fields of art, design and architecture are welcome. This is a hands-on workshop for the student or professional, that enjoy both the fast process of developing a concept as well as the creation and build itself.

The workshop takes place in Skagen during week 15, 2018 and is conducted by ”Onsdagsskolen”, a non-profit organisation and network of volunteer tutors, researchers and professionals that aim to create and offer different events to students and young professionals of subjects such as art, design and architecture.

Accommodation, meals and materials are included. Interdisciplinary art/design/architecture groups as well as singular artists are encouraged to apply. There is a maximum of ten participants in total.

How To Apply:

Application deadline is March 9, 2018.

Please email a portfolio or resume and a short motivation letter before the deadline to [email protected].

Contact Email:[email protected]

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