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In Performance: Performance Space New York – East Village Series (NYC) Feb 17 & 18, 2018

East Village Series
Performance Space New York

Welcome to Lenapehoking
February 17, 2018


Sunday, February 18
6pm–9pm Performances and Open House
9pm–1am Dance party with JD Samson, Justin Strauss, and more
12:30am Last Entry

Performance Space New York (formerly Performance Space 122) presents the East Village Series, its first semi-annual themed series, and the first program curated by the institution’s new Executive Artistic Director, Jenny Schlenzka. This presentation of works from some of today’s most radical performers and multidisciplinary artists resituates the institution in newly revamped spaces, designed by Deborah Berke Partners, in 122 Community Center (150 First Avenue, at East 9th Street), where Performance Space 122 was founded, and where it operated until it moved out in 2011 for the building renovation. The series contemplates the past, present, and future of the organization and its neighborhood.

The themed series are a new, semi-annual mode of programming devised by Schlenzka to further expand Performance Space New York’s ideal of interdisciplinarity and hybridity—not only the blurring of genres within works, but also the juxtaposition of artists’ visions and philosophies. Through their placement within a larger themed series, the organization’s performances, exhibitions, readings, and screenings (and more) create a vital dialogue. The East Village Series brings together works by Performance Space New York veterans and newcomers alike, with programming that looks toward a neighborhood’s history as a guide to its future. Mining the multifaceted movements and histories within the neighborhood since the 1980s, the East Village Series examines punk, fashion, club culture, forces of gentrification, the AIDS epidemic, activist organizing, and the history of Performance Space New York itself.

The series begins with Welcome to Lenapehoking (February 17), organized by the Lenape Center, the Indigenous organization devoted to continuing the Lenape cultural presence. This opening celebration led by Indigenous artists and leaders recognizes the original caretakers of Manhattan, as well as the widespread yet oft-uncited influence of Native American artists. The story of this city begins with the Lenape. The opening also brings an expanded version of Avant-Garde-Arama, the institution’s longest-running program, to the new spaces (February 18). This Avant-Garde-Arama features a mixed bill of performers, dancers, musicians, and filmmakers. The renewal of this Performance Space New York tradition, gathering disparate artistic forces into one liberating evening, exemplifies the organization’s historical and continued role as a catalyst for wild experimentation.

Welcome to Lenapehoking
The New York City neighborhood we call the East Village is part of Lenapehoking, the homeland of the first inhabitants the Lenape. Manhahtaan (the Lenape word for Manhattan) has always buzzed with economic and cultural exchange, breeding rich and diverse traditions of art, performance, and trade. To celebrate this ongoing legacy, pay respect to the original caretakers of this land, and recognize the considerable influence Native American artists have had on American performance and art, Performance Space New York is partnering with the Lenape Center—the local organization dedicated to the promotion of Lenape language and culture—for the inauguration of its newly renovated spaces. The opening celebration, led by Indigenous artists and leaders, is the beginning of an ongoing relationship between the local arts community and Lenape people on Lenapehoking. With Nathan Young and Joe Baker

What better way to celebrate the opening of their new spaces and the East Village Series than with an expanded open house Avant-Garde-Arama – their longest running program – welcoming everybody back to the anything-can-happen ethos at 150 First Avenue. They’re excited to share the incredible lineup of artists performing simultaneously on multiple stages in their new home with you. Join them for a night of performance, drink, and dance!

The Factress (aka Lucy Sexton)
Carmelita Tropicana
Ikechukwu Ufomadu

Adrienne Truscott
Alexandra Tatarsky
Antonio Ramos
Charles Dennis
Cornelius Loy
Courtnee Roze
Daphne Always
Erin Markey
Holly Hughes
James Godwin
Joe E. Jeffreys
John Kelly
John Zorn
Justin Hicks and Jade Hicks -The Hawtplates
Mina Nishimura
Momo Shade
Morgan Bassichis
Murray Hill
Nuyorican Poets Café – La Bruja
Pat Oleszko
Patti Spliff
Peggy Pettitt
Penny Arcade
Reggie Watts
Seung Min Lee
Shane Shane
Sibyl Kempson – 7 Daughters of Eve Thtr. & Perf. Co.
Sister Jean Ra Horror
Spiderwoman Theater – Muriel and Gloria Miguel
The Illustrious Blacks
Tony Stinkmetal
Will Sheridan

Door Queen
Shiny Penny

Photos All Night
Santiago Felipe
Maria Baranova

Organized by Salley May with Tyler Ashley, Laurie Berg, Benjamin Kimitch, Juliana May, Will Rawls, Heather Robles, Ali Rosa-Salas, Shanta Thake, Stewart Uoo, Gillian Walsh, Edisa Weeks.

Source: PSNY Press Release


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