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Segal Film Festival on Theatre and Performance, March 1-3, 2018 (NYC)

FTP Festival

March 1 – 3, 2018
Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, The CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016-4309 | ph: 212-817-1860 

This year’s theatre focus in FTP includes works of and about East- German playwright Heiner Müller’s  revolutionary Hamlet; theatre provocateur Christoph Schlingensief’s campaign for Chancellor (run from a circus tent at the Volksbühne, Berlin); the Italian cinema impresarios, the Taviani Brothers, directing high-security prison inmates in their hybrid production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar; The Living Theatre’s Judith Malina in her collaboration with the Italian theatre company MOTUS; Intimate portrayal of the work processes of two contemporary theatre titans – Jan Fabre as well as Romeo Castellucci, and many, many more.

Also, check out the screenings of Israeli Avi Mograbi’s Boal-Inspired work with Refugees in Israel (“Between Fences”), and NYC-based Brian Mertes and Melissa Kievman’s hybrid documentary (“I am a Seagull”) – both to be followed by discussions. 

Lastly, there’s a ongoing VR performance work by the polish TR Warszawa Group which applies a very interesting method, with interesting applications to documentation and research. Director Grzegorz Jarzyna will be at the Elebesh Hall lobby – and he’s keen to discuss this. 

Here is a small selection that might be of interest:

Thursday, March 1 | Segal Theatre + Elebash Recital Hall
10:30am   Ariane Mnouchkine – The Castaways of the Fol Espoir []France | 290 minutes
11:30pm   Christoph Rüter – Heiner Müller: The Time is out of Joint []Germany | 100 minutes
7:00pm     Phil Griffin– Surrender: the Art of Jan Fabre Belgium| 117 minutes

Friday, March 2 | Segal Theatre + Elebash Recital Hall
12:00pm  Motus Theatre Company – Judith Malina – Your Whole Life is a Rehearsal 
Italy | 42 minutes
2:30pm     Kathrin Krottenthaler/Filmgalerie 451 – Christoph SchlingensiefCHANCE 2000 – Farewell to Germany Germany | 131 minutes
3:30pm     Carlos Chahine/Autres Rivages – Chekhov in Beirut []Lebanon | 51 minutes
6:00pm     Billy Clark, Jason Trucco/CultureHub – All in the Mind []USA | 20 minutes
6:30pm     Avi Mograbi []– Between Fences France/Israel | 84 minutes (Segal Theatre)
     *Brian Mertes/Lake Lucille Chekhov Project I Am a Seagull[] US | 93 minutes (Elebesh Hall)

 Saturday, March 3 | Segal Theatre
12:00pm   Günter Atteln/Accentus Music[– []The Lost Paradise: Arvo Pärt/Robert Wilson US | 56 minutes
2:00pm    *Haydn Reiss/Zinc Films – Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy []US | 80 minutes
5:30pm    Paolo and Vittorio Taviani []– Caesar Must Die Italy | 77 minutes
7:00pm     Giulio Boato – []Theatron
| Romeo Castellucci France | 54 minutes

(source- FTP email)

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