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Opportunities: Performing Art 3 Days / Prolegomena and Hawsers (Pisa, Italy) Deadline 31st May 2018

Performing Art 3 Days / Prolegomena and Hawsers (Teatro Rossi Aperto, Pisa, Italy) 28.29.30 – 06 – 2018
Deadline: 23:59 / 31st May 2018
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: Free

Description Of Opportunity:
Performing Art 3 Days / Prolegòmeni e Gómene
Collettivo Superazione – Teatro Rossi Aperto in Pisa, Italy
28.29.30 – 06 – 2018

Starting from a free analysis of the concept of /Prolegòmeni e Gómene (Prolegomena and Hawsers)/, the artists are asked to develop that topic in the form of a performance, in accordance with the following Regulation. The performance shall be played live during the 3 days Performing Arts Festival which will take place at Teatro Rossi Aperto in Pisa.

Prolegòmeni e Gómene (Prolegomena and Hawsers)

Prolegòmeni – esplanatory dissertations introducing a theory, the subject of a study, a doctrine.

Gómene – twisted hemp hawsers, mooring ropes for boats.

Hence: a line of words meant to validate other words, to unite or divide; a material line supported by gestures, to leave or land. Prolegòmeni e Gómene, they have much in common in addition to the wonderful and suggestive assonance of the terms; they show two different yet similar relational ways implying a motion which is both approaching and detaching. Thoughts have a long way to go before recognizing the docking (or sailing) place in a harbour, in a location with a sense of unknown, belonging, somebody. Much of the definite motion, be it leaving or coming back, becomes more precise through reasoning and speculation. Individual behaviours leading to collective meanings cannot help introducing personal thoughts and actions. It can happen in art, inside or outside the “polis”, but it’s always part of an adventure.

How To Apply:
1 – Criteria for participation
The call is open to single artists or groups working with contemporary languages in the
field of performances.
Both unpublished projects and projects that have already been shown will be accepted, provided that they are suitable to be played in the non-conventional spaces of Teatro Rossi Aperto and relevant to the proposed theme.
Each artist/company can present only one project.
9 to 12 performances will be selected.

2- How to participate
Participation is free. All submitted materials will be archived by the festival organizers and
won’t be returned.

In order to participate, the following documents shall be submitted:

  • 1. The application form included in this open call, filled in all its parts;
  • 2. A PDF document illustrating/describing the performance and containing all the information needed to understand its execution and poetics. Maximum 2 pages. If the performance has already been shown, the document should also contain a link to a full video documentation of the work. Application forms and PDF documents shall be submitted no later than May 31st 2018 at 23:59 to the e-mail address [email protected].

The selected artists will be provided with:

  • Spaces for the performances
  • Technical support*
  • Buffet during the 3 evenings of the festival
  • Promotion of the event
    After the selection, a visit to the location will be organized for all the artists who would like to check the place.* The festival will take place in non-conventional spaces. All technical requests should therefore be discussed and agreed with the organizers, who will reserve the unquestionable right to evaluate the feasibility of the project.
  • Participants agree to indemnify the organization from all liability for any injury or damage which may occur in the venues of the festival.
  • All the expenses for the materials needed for the performance and transportation costs are to be borne by the artist. Teatro Rossi Aperto asks the viewers to leave
  • Ass. Cult. Collettivo SUPERAZIONE
    via Sandro Pertini 121/8 – Calenzano 50041 (FI)
    c.f. 94265170483 –
    [email protected]
  • a free contribution. 50% of the income (impossible to be quantified now) will be divided among all the artists. 50% of the income will remain at Teatro Rossi Aperto.


3- Selection:
Collettivo Superazione will make a first selection of the projects based on their originality, appeal of the artistic languages used, feasibility and CV of the proposers. At the end of the selection, all participants to the call will receive a communication with the results, be they positive or negative, no later than June the 3rd at 23:59

Once the artistic committee has identified the most interesting projects, the organizers
will check their feasibility with the artists before confirming the positive final outcome of
the selection.

4 – Changes and cancellation
The organizers reserve the right to implement at any time supplementary measures or changes to this Regulation, concerning organization, efficiency and safeguard of the artistic level of the festival, without affecting its nature. Should the event not take place for technical and organizational reasons or due to force
majeure, the organizers will reserve the right to adopt other suitable solutions which will be immediately communicated to the people concerned.

5- Planning and execution
The festival will take place on 28, 29, 30 June at Teatro Rossi Aperto, via Collegio Ricci, 1 – Pisa
Each day will be reserved to 3 or 4 artists who will choose one of the available locations in the venue (for further information please visit or write to collettivo. [email protected]); performances will be realized during the opening hours of the venue, according to a calendar to be determined.

Please send your proposal to [email protected] before 23:59 / 31st May 2018.

Contact Email:[email protected]









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