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Opportunities: Theertha Performance Platform – 2019 (Colombo-8) Deadline – 31st December 2018

Theertha Performance Platform – 2019 (Colombo-8) March 15 to 18th 2019
Deadline: 31st December 2018
Online Application: yes
Fee to Participate or Apply: no

Description Of Opportunity:

Theertha Performance Platform 2019

OPEN CALL for participation

Submission Deadline: December 30th 2018, Midnight

Scheduled date : 15th March – 18th March 2019

The concept for 2019 Theertha Performance Platform

Texting Being

It’s been more than half a century since Derrida made his famous remark ‘il n’y a pas de horse-texte’, variously translated as ‘there is nothing outside of the text’, or, ‘there is no outside-text’. The remark itself gained notoriety, being accused of misdemeanors from textual idealism to political conservatism. Today, however, half a century later it seems, as if, the truth of this idea has returned with a vengeance, like the Freudian Thing, perhaps, even, with an ironical twist that would render Derrida himself uncomfortable. At a superficial level, on the one hand, our day-to-day existence is entirely assimilated into, and constantly bombarded by, the telecommunication and social media networks, allowing the affective totality of our beings to be transferred and circulated as texts and symbols that are rapidly unifying the whole of humanity into a single platform. Iconic here is the question asked by Facebook, every time one logs into his/her account: ‘What’s on your mind…?’ On the other hand, and more seriously, all these mutations at the level of subjectivity occurs on the backdrop of a globalized capital with its monetary signs, a system that is by its nature all-consuming, total and planetary, colonizing not only the places of the planet but also its disparate temporalities. The total dominance of the textual, one might claim, is now completed: il n’y a pas de horse-texte.

Where does art fit in this picture? This is especially a question of singular relevance with regard to the still novel form of performance art. For, the quintessential medium of this form is the Body, which is canonically considered as the polar opposite of the Mind that works through and exist within our discursive, textual universes. One obvious response to this proposition, of course, is the classical Post-Structuralist position that takes the Body itself as a Sign, entirely overridden by the signifier, without any residue in the Real, a Body that is completely reduced to its symbolic function of meaning generation. This is, certainly, one possible way of interpreting medium of body in its various manifestations in performance art. This is, however, at the cost of reducing the singularity of this medium to one among an endless lines of objects that can stand in for the artistic idea, leaving behind, thereby, the materiality of the body as the Real that which resists, as Lacan famously puts it, Symbolization. How do we account for this duality, entanglement and intertwining of the Text and the Body, of the materiality of the Text and the materiality of the Body, in performance art? There may be various answers and there may even be productive dead-ends lying ahead on this path of explorations. What is certain is that these questions are the quintessential questions of contemporary existence, in an age of mediatized images and globalized capital.

Theertha Performance Platform
Theertha Performance Platform is part of Theertha International Artists Collective. The TPP has been in existence since 2015. We conduct regular workshops for art students and young artists. The TPP international performance event is a biennial event mainly concentrating on public space performances.

About the Venue:
The venue will be Theertha Gallery space and the adjoining area. There will be a public space for the main performance events which will be the Borella junction. Borella junction is an important area in Sri Lankan transportation map. This is one of the busiest junction in Colombo. People traveling to and from Colombo to various other parts of Sri Lanka will have to cross this junction to reach their destination. (,79.8759786,17z)

Expectation from participant artists:
In this project the artists will have the opportunity to explore Sri Lankan culture, meeting local artists and people and tasting local foods. It is also expected that artists might focus on collaborations crossing the cultural boundaries, art practices and traditions in their performance framework and works.

The artists will also be expected to make a brief presentation of their art practice and participate in workshops for students and young artists.

How To Apply:

Who can apply:

Any art loving, creative individual or group around the globe, who creates artworks as performance / Live artist (creative works with voice, body, performance, theatre, action, movement, dance, music etc.)

Applicants should be at least 21 years old.

Support by Theertha Performance Platform:

  • Local transports within Colombo Live Art Event and Activity.
  • 5 days Accommodation in local residence and 3 Meals daily

Artists should pay:

International travel, visa fee and personal expenses.

Theertha will provide invitation letters to the artists, so that they can apply for international travel grant.

What to Send:

  • Portrait photo
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • 1 Page short bio (200 word)
  • idea proposal
  • 3-5 Artworks’ images & descriptions (live art done since 2015)

Guidelines for Submission:

Registration is FREE

Send documents via email: [email protected] and copy to [email protected]

Please mention ‘’(Artist’s name) : TPP 2019’’ – in the subject line.

Or Post to: Theertha Performance Platform

39/4A, D S Senanayake Road, Borella, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.

Submission deadline & Notifications:

– December 30th, 2018: Artists must submit their documents.

– January 30th, 2019: Artists will be notified of selection via email

– by January 30th , 2019 : Formal Invitation letter will be sent via email.

Visit’ and Facebook Page to get information about ‘Theertha Performance Platform’.

Contact Email:[email protected]

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