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Opportunities: Blue Raincoat Theatre Academy – The Factory Performance Space ( Sligo, Ireland)

Blue Raincoat Theatre Academy – The Factory Performance Space (Sligo, Ireland) 11th – 26th January 2020
Online Application:
Workshop Fee: €150

Description Of Opportunity:

Theatre Academy 2020


Blue Raincoat Theatre Company will host the 9th annual Blue Raincoat Theatre Academy 11th – 26th January 2020.

The Academy provides multi-disciplinary training for all artists and performers.

Workshops will take place at The Factory Performance Space, Lower Quay St., Sligo.

VOICE Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th January 2020

Voice Training and Development are explored through the methodologies and techniques of the Roy Hart International Voice Centre, France. David Goldsworthy, Senior Teacher at the Roy Hart Centre, will conduct this workshop.

The pedagogic approach of Roy Hart Training begins with the premise that each individual voice is unique. There is no singular established method rather the training is a disciplined exploration guided by the teacher releasing sources of energy and imagination to open the voice, to realise its potential. Roy Hart teaching workshops have been developed based on a history of more than 80 years of research, study and practice of the human voice.

This two-day workshop will introduce students to the techniques and exercises inherent in Roy Hart Vocal Training including diaphragmatic breathing, projection and breath control as well as focusing on the development of individual vocal range.

Tutor: David Goldsworthy

Workshop Fee: €150

To book online please click here

MOVEMENT Monday 20th – Friday 24th January 2020

This workshop involves training in the discipline of Corporeal Mime. Corinne Soum combines the experience of having been a student and assistant of Etienne Decroux and having taught, developed and directed Corporeal Mime for more than 30 years.

The training will include gestural grammar, body articulation, counterweights, walks and displacement in space, figures of style, mobile statuary, and musicality of movement. Extracts of the repertoire of Etienne Decroux will be taught during the workshop to fully experience this unique modern mythology of movement theatre. Participants will also explore the infinite possibilities of drawing from this repertoire to create personal work.

Tutor: Corinne Soum

Workshop Fee: €250

To book online please click here

MASTERCLASS NOW THEN NOW Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th January 2020

with Louise Lowe, Co-Artistic Director of ANU

The central question we ask of our audiences is ‘HOW DO YOU CHOOSE TO ENGAGE?

We ask audiences to witness, feel, comply or act. By creating conditions by which audience and performer collaboratively engage in a shared kinesthetic state, we ultimately aim to produce sensory rich experiences where years of history can fold, clash, interact, contradict and tell its own story in its own way.

Much of the company’s work is derived from physical space and site, usually working within geographic or historical contexts. We place these findings in non-traditional sites and use immersive engagement to create shared intimacies between audience and place and audience and performer.

NOW THEN NOW will be a fearless, and vibrant two – day masterclass to uncover new ways of engaging with places and audiences.

About ANU Cutting across form and context, ANU are a multidisciplinary company, cross-pollinating theatre, visual art and dance, building a reputation for creating transformative experiences in unconventional sites. Established in April 2009, ANU have created 28 multi award winning seminal works, public art commissions, gallery installations and museum interpretations. Our most recent productions include THE ANVIL (Manchester International Festival), FAULTLINE (co-production with The Gate Theatre as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2019) THE LOST O’CASEY (co production with the Abbey Theatre, winner of 3 Irish Times Theatre Awards) and THESE ROOMS (London International Festival of Theatre & TATE Liverpool).

Tutor: Louise Lowe

Fee: €150

To book online please click here

Accommodation Low cost accommodation available for the enrolled participants at a nearby Hostel. Please contact The Beehive Hostel, Sligo for details. Tel: 071 915 2802

Application: Please book online. Candidates can participate in one or more of the events scheduled.

Tel: 071 9170431 E-mail: [email protected] (mark email: FAO John Carty)

Please note places are limited and payment must be received in full before place is secure.

How To Apply:

Contact Email:[email protected]

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