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Opportunities: Open Call Symposium 2020 – Variations of Beckett (Oslo, Norway)

Open Call symposium 2020 – Variations of Beckett
Symposium dates: 31st July – 2nd August
Deadline: 30th June

“In his dreams he had been warned against this change. Seen the dear face and heard the unspoken words, Stay where we were so long alone together, my shade will comfort you.”
– Samuel Beckett, Ohio Impromptu (1981)

Variations of Beckett/Schouskollektivet invites artists from all fields to participate in a three-day symposium. The themes we will be researching are time, memory, and dreams. These are central to Samuel Beckett’s work, but reach well beyond this specific context. We are inviting artists to research these themes using their own artistic practices, and thereby also contributing to an exchange between artists working with artistic research. Our wish is to open up the works of Beckett to others who may not know him already and to learn something new in this process. The text we will use as a starting point is Beckett’s one-act play “Ohio Impromptu”, but where we’ll end up we’ll find out together!

>> The research questions we want to examine are:- What is the impact of togethering when examining self in times of isolation?

– How can we explore individual dreams and memories collectively?
– How do we perceive the concept of time in performance?>> Interested?

We recommend reading the whole open call on our web-page>>

Who are we? Read more about us here:

>>How does it work?
We will stay for a period of three days at Nesodden (outside of Oslo) where we’ll work together in a group. The Variations of Beckett’s artists will guide the participants through the whole process. We will have prepared a series of tasks in advance which we will solve together in the time we have, and end up in a performance on the third day. This performance will be open to an audience both physically and digitally, so it’s important that you wish to work towards a work in progress presentation in order to participate. This call is thus primarily directed at artists working with performance, but we are open for others to join as well.This is a retreat where all the artists live and eat together at Nesodden after the program for the day has ended. More information will be provided once we have contacted the selected participants. We will cover food and housing, whilst the participants will cover travels. Please note: There may be changes to our program, and we will in this case update this event. This might lead to parts of the program being at Nesodden and in Oslo.>

We can accommodate maximum 10 participants.

> Participating through zoom will be an option, and we will decide upon arranging part of the symposium digitally once we have read through the applications.

> Fill out this form by the 30th June:

Send us a message on Facebook or email: [email protected]
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