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“Not a festival, but a collective training for the thought, to the action, to the present”.


XL was and will be the new format of Centrale Fies, originally conceived for the 40th anniversary of Drodesera and the 20th of Fies. Today it finds a new correlation in the analysis of an “oversize” that breaks the summer one shot , weaving together all the annual events of Centrale Fies.

From the 17th of July to the 8th of August, XL will take place again, live and on site, every weekend.

In the meantime, initiatives continue on the Centrale Fies website which from the 25th of June also outlines the first online exhibition of ‘INBTWN – In Between’, a programme curated by Claudia D’Alonzo.

The XL programming is designed to develop in progress until March 2021. It is divided into chapters, some have already been written, others are to be rewritten and others to be imagined.  

A writing shared by the artists, the curators, specialists and spectators that is capable of accompanying us through this time, networking with a community able to imagine the festival as something to be transformed. It is to this networking, to this community, that we turn, to face and reach 2021.

From the 25th of June on the Centrale Fies website INBTWN – In Between, the second chapter of XL. With INBTWN the curator Claudia D’Alonzo will expand the theme of the relationship between body and technology, between the online space of the website and incursions into physical spaces, through heterogeneous perspectives offered by four artistic events.  

The first two are scheduled for June and July and will be presented by IOCOSE, Elena Biserna and Anna Raimondo.  These contributions involve languages and practices inside and outside the network, making the website a laboratory space, in transformation during the review.

Afterwards, from the 17th of July and for every weekend until the 8th of August it will be the turn of Hyperlocal, a programme curated by Barbara Boninsegna and Filippo Andreatta, with Anagoor, Chiara Bersani, MK, Jacopo Jenna, Mali Weil, OHT, CollettivO CineticO and Alessandro Sciarroni, Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin, Marco D’Agostin, Underground.  On the 25th of July, the second event of INBTWN will take place, this time online, with Elena Biserna and Anna Raimondo.

From the 6th to the 17th of July, two of the seven projects selected for LIVE WORKS Vol 8 will be exhibited at Centrale Fies, curated by Barbara Boninsegna and Simone Frangi. The artists Giulia Crispiani (IT) & Golrokh Nafisi (IR/NL) together with Göksu Kunak (TR/DE) will present the first results in a study visit for the public on the 17th and the 18th  of July 2020.

Hyperlocal takes place in an exceptional time, but does not want to be an emergency programming: each work within the programme is not simply a new version of the existing one but the result of a development of the work that the artists have imagined as consistent with their own research. The care of the performing art starts from the support, from the residences, from becoming a place where everything is worked, enhanced, articulated before the being shown to the public.

All performances will take place in the external spaces of Centrale Fies, while the internal spaces will be transformed by immersive exhibitions, conceived to broaden the vision on the theatre and the performance.

Storia Notturna [Night Story ] is the collective exhibition curated by Simone Frangi and Denis Isaia.  The protagonists of the exhibit are Mercedes Azpilicueta, Chiara Camoni, Darius-Robin Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Francesco Fonassi, Luca Frei, Raffaela Naldi Rossano, Anna Perach.  The artists will activate the works on display in a long day performance on Sunday 19 July.

The idea of XL was born before the onset of the recent months, marked by uncertainty. This idea comes with the desire to abandon the format of the summer festival to explode, expand and aggregate all the projects of a place of research and artistic production such as Centrale Fies. This formula exploded over time, in the disciplines, practices and issues addressed, capable to see art and culture as means of collective training in thought and action, fortifying its ability to enter the narrative and nutritional processes of an artistic and alpine territory. But while the explosion of activities, practices and methods of curation connected with Centrale Fies was taking place, prompting us into being united with one another, inspiring us with forests, new Pangeas and “hyper” natures, an earthly and invisible being witnessed the collapse of our certainties, further strengthening the awareness of a world where humans have never been the focus or the unicum, but only a small percentage of the existing.

“The programming of Centrale Fies”, says Dino Sommadossi, founder of Centrale Fies, “has always been only the tip of the iceberg of a complex job of research, design and organization with dozens of professionals, to eventually open up to the public performances that they are not entertainment, but a real collective moment, an active means of articulating the thought to different directions, to bring to light the minor narratives that the mainstream has always left on the margins. Whatever still happens, we will try to preserve the virtuous circle of care and attention that has guided all the actions of the centre in all these years, and now everyone will be asked to do the same, to take care of a piece of ecosystem through mutual actions: we will plea the building, the forms and forces of nature all around, none excluded, we will call upon the public, as well as the curators, artists and hosted and passer-by artists”.

Barbara Boninsegna, artistic director of Centrale Fies states: “We believe that now it is important to devote time to the observation of this present which is more unexplored and shapeless than ever, and to bring out questions thanks to which you can try to imagine other ways of inhabiting spaces and meet the bodies.  The era we are going through requires a new way of narrating our projects, which become the Chapters of a new story between the virtual and the real”.

Finally, inspired by the Wood Wide Web, the support and nourishment network for forests, with PERFORMANCE WIDE WEB, Centrale Fies wants to share projects, conversations, programmes by artists, curators and workers that are active in the sphere of performative practices. This is a further way to stay together in a time when this is impossible, escaping from the nets to fill spaces left empty and enhance the time for thinking, study, organization, strategy, nourishment and finally, collection, of each project. In this way the online channels of Centrale Fies, the social accounts and the website, become an Observatory, which collectsobservations and practices; projects created over the last months by other organizations; contemporary or historical works of art that have experimented with heterogeneous forms of presence and use, archival documents, readings and theoretical references. A place full of dialogue, study and research, fuelled by the multiple perspectives of the ‘exploded curatorship’.

Furthermore, this year, Centrale Fies has thought of a “Deadline is Dead” font as a gadget of this 40th anniversary. The font can be downloaded for free. It is halfway between Goth and Metal, originating from the crasis of the imageries of Fies.

Prologue – XL2019 – March 2020
curated by Barbara Boninsegna, Filippo Andreatta, Simone Frangi, Denis Isaia and Alma Söderberg

Chapter I – “Ssssh. Hear, now “April – May 2020
by Dogyorke, F. De Isabella

Chapter II – INBTWN – In Betweenonline since June 25, 2020
curated by Claudia D’Alonzo

Chapter III – LIVE WORKS vol 8May 2020 – March 2021
curated by Barbara Boninsegna, Simone Frangi
mentor 2020 Krystel Khoury / 7 selected artists

Chapter IV- Storia Notturna [Night Story] – 17 July – 8 August, 2020
curated by Simone Frangi and Denis Isaia

Chapter V – Perform!July – December 2020
curated by Hannes Egger and Denis Isaia with Valeria Marchi

Chapter VI – Hyperlocal17 July – 8 August 2020
curated by Barbara Boninsegna and Filippo Andreatta

To be continued…

To stay up to date on the XL programming please visit

Photo ©OHT-19 luglio 1985 MoniQue foto Courtesy Centro Santa Chiara 01

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