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Opportunities: Online Course "Decolonization Now: Activism/Artivism from the Ground" (online) Deadline – October 14

Opportunity: Online Course “Decolonization Now: Activism/Artivism from the Ground”
Where: online
When: October 15-November 5, Fridays 6-8pm CET
Deadline: October 14
Online Application:
Fee to Participate or Apply: EUR 175

Description Of Opportunity:

This course takes a hemispheric look at how to think through the goals of decolonization and decoloniality and how they are being shaped by artists, activists, and academics in the post-neoliberal world. It pays critical attention to activist and art movement-based projects that have occurred in the last 5 years in the United States such as the People’s Cultural Plan, Decolonize this Place, The Black School, Chinatown Art Brigade, The Illuminator, Black Quantum Futurism, or StrikeMOMA. This is the ground for present-day decolonization.

Although relevant theory and history is covered during the lecture time, the course draws most heavily from the participants sharing ideas and works from their own region and particular interests. The goal is to begin the work of collaboration by coming to understand each other’s situations, and to form community. The course intends to bring together practitioners, academics, and activists to share skills, knowledge and possibilities and is conceived as a place for people working through the many challenges of the present to learn by sharing and through mutual support.

The course will work towards creating a collaborative, free, downloadable, decolonized ‘curriculum’ in the sense of Paulo Freire’s “practices of freedom.” Among others, we will address the question of how decolonizing can remain grounded, continue to make territorial acknowledgements, advocate for restitution and reparations, and create new perception under these ever-changing conditions.

How To Apply:

Enroll online at

Contact Email:[email protected]

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