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A Peek Into PAGEANT: A Gem in Brooklyn’s Performance Scene

Nestled in the heart of East Williamsburg, New York, PAGEANT is a performance space, carrying a creative aura that’s hard to find elsewhere. Crafted with the vision to nurture the culture of performing arts, this venue has quickly secured its place in the borough’s vibrant art scene. It’s more than just a venue—it’s a thriving community of passionate artists who are eager to share their talents and insights.

PAGEANT was brought to life in April 2022, courtesy of Sharleen Chidiac, Jade Manns, Owen Prum, and Alexa West. With the added operational leadership of Lili Dekker, these like-minded individuals established an innovative venue, organically aligning with Brooklyn’s eclectic mix of culture makers. Kayhl Cooper, as the producer of Pageant’s video archive, ensures the preservation of all performances, allowing the experiences to be revisited anytime on their Patreon page.

The space has been created by artists, for artists. Its founders have ensured that PAGEANT caters to a diverse range of performers and performances. Whether you’re an amateur finding your feet in the world of performance or an established artist looking for a fresh stage, PAGEANT extends a welcome to all.

Don’t fret if you miss a performance that you were keen on. The magic of PAGEANT lies not just in the live performances but also in its extensive video archive, produced by Kayhl Cooper. Any past performances that you may have missed can be relived at your leisure, transporting you back to the memorable moments at PAGEANT.

PAGEANT is located at 70 Graham Ave, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY11206.

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Photo: Molly Ross in March 2023 in a split bill with Leah Samuels at Pageant

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