Opportunities: Dance Residency at L’L (Brussels, BE)

Application for residency L’L is based on a simple but unequivocal principle: there is a radical incompatibility between the imperatives of production and freedom of research. Therefore, those proposals which are too close to production issues or already have a creation date will be systematically rejected. In the same logic, L’L residency research projects for which a creation date might fall during the process, will have their residency questioned. In practical terms, the application dossier aims to highlight theissues/questions/research wishes, while including the CV or biography of the carrier(s) of this research project. Applications can be send to L’L can only accommodate a limited number of residents. The period residents spend at L’L is neither ...

Featured: CREW – Immersive Performance (Belgium)

CREW is a performance group and multi-disciplinary team of artists and researchers. CREW_lab is the experimental spin-off where immersive technologies and strategies can be developed, tested and theorized. _lab explores and develops immersive technological devices, artistic strategies and changing (theoretical) notions of narrativity, presence and spectatorship in immersive environments.