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Featured: CREW – Immersive Performance (Belgium)

Featured: CREW – Immersive Performance (Belgium)

[singlepic id=249 w=320 h=240 float=right]CREW is a performance group and multi-disciplinary team of artists and researchers. CREW_lab is the experimental spin-off where immersive technologies and strategies can be developed, tested and theorized. _lab explores and develops immersive technological devices, artistic strategies and changing (theoretical) notions of narrativity, presence and spectatorship in immersive environments.

CREW &  CREW lab

Eric Joris, artistic direction
Hilde Teuchies, general management & bookings
Vicky Vermoezen, head of production & administration
Vincent Jacobs, artistic team & media design
Chantalla Pleiter, artistic team
Koen Goossens, technician
Philippe Bekaert, senior researcher (EDM, Expertise Centre for Digital Media, Hasselt University)
Kurt Vanhoutte, senior researcher (Theatre, Film and Literature studies, Antwerp University)
Nele Wynants, junior researcher (Ph.D. fellow of the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO)), Antwerp University
Brecht Debackere, junior researcher (2020 3D Media)


‘LINE-UP’, 2009, Is this the story of a daydreamer and if so, are his daydreams possibly dangerous for you?

‘EUX’, 2008, total immersion 1 to 1

‘W (DOUBLE U)’, 2008, headswap configuration 2 to 2

‘O_REX 1.3’, 2008, voorstelling voor zaal en 1 immersant

‘U_RAZENDE STILSTAND’, 2006, mobile  immersive configuration

‘CRASH’, 2004, first immersive performance

‘DUISTER WOUD’, 2004, interactive installation

‘PHILOCTETES / MAN-O-WAR’, 2002, anatomic theatre,

‘ICARUS / MAN-O-WAR’, 2001, voorstelling in computercave

‘N.M.’, 2001, proefrit met robotic voices

‘BÊTA_ICARUS 1, 2, 3 AND 4’, 1999, The Bêta-projects served as preliminary studies for Icarus/MAN-O-WAR.

‘KAUFHAUS INFERNO’, 1999, Those who press enter, abandon all hope

‘KAMMERSPIEL 1&2’, 1999, In Kammerspiel 5 artists gather around the’engine’of a computer game (Duke Nukem).



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