In Performance: Alessandro Sciarroni’s Don’t be frightened of turning the page (Santarcangelo Festival)

Alessandro Sciarroni Don’t be frightened of turning the page July 6-8, 2018 In “Don’t be frightened of turning the page,” Alessandro Sciarroni performs a solo rendition of the endurance and repetition strategies that characterize his work. The piece begins as fluorescent fixtures switch on in series with an ominous electric thump and crackle. Sited in a high school gym for the version we saw, spectators sit on gym mats around the central court markings; the lines quickly become recontextualized into boundaries for the extreme sport and play that Sciarroni offers. Sciaronni enters, marks the diagonals like a gymnast starting a floor routine, but the gesture quickly turns into a different pattern: an accelerating ramp up to the main choreography. While the central concept o...

Opportunities: Springback Academy 2018: Dance Writers Wanted! (Sofia, Bulgaria) Deadline – 02/02/2018

Springback Academy 2018: Dance Writers Wanted! (Sofia, Bulgaria) Friday 23 to Sunday 25 March Deadline: 02/02/2018 Online Application: Fee to Apply: If selected for the project, Aerowaves will provide mentorship, accommodation, hospitality and a pass to the festival. Participants will be required to organize and fund their own return travel to Sofia. Description Of Opportunity: We are looking for fresh dance writers to recruit for Springback Academy 2018! Now in its fifth year, the Academy will bring a group of aspiring writer/critics to Sofia in Bulgaria for Spring Forward Festival (23-25 March), where they will watch and review selected performances, participate in lively dance debates and recei...

In Performance: Heather Kravas, visions of beauty (COIL)

visions of beauty Heather Kravas COIL, Performance Space New York January 10-13 Described in the program as “punk in attitude, feminist in spirit”, Heather Kravas’s visions of beauty fulfills this promise most unexpectedly, foregoing distorted guitars and raised fists for a tender choreographic minimalism. With an unflinchingly precise and deceptively gentle touch, Kravas’s movement scores use dance foundations as an entry point to expose the implicit labor of form. Upon entering the space, an ensemble of nine dancers is splayed out in a giant starfish formation, each performer touching another at either the hands or feet. While we do not learn the gender identities of any performers, what we see are one female-bodied dancer and eight male-bodied dancers. The relentless tick of a kitchen t...

In Performance: Nora Chipaumire, #PUNK (American Realness)

Punk is a noun, punk is an adjective. Punk is torn white t-shirts, distorted power cords, and angry adolescent growls into a mic. But in Nora Chipaumire’s latest piece presented as part of American Realness, punk is, first and foremost, a verb.

In Performance: Atlanta Eke, Body of Work (COIL)

  Body of Work Atlanta Eke COIL Festival, Performance Space New York January 10-11, 2018 With Body of Work, Australian choreographer Atlanta Eke has created an offbeat meditation on time and space, reifying and redefining the present moment over and over again over the course of an hour. While the piece is technically a solo, it might be more accurately described as a duet between performer Ivey Wawn and a camera which gazes at her from the threshold between audience and stage. With her image projected live onto two human-sized projection screens onstage, Wawn meets the camera’s gaze directly, moving and engaging with her own body doubles until our eyes get lost in loops of visual logic and reason. Wawn’s presence is precise and elegant as she progresses through movement scores with a...

Opportunities: 8th Dance Days Chania Open Call (Chania, Crete, Greece) Deadline – 01/21/2018

We invite you to visit our website and submit your proposals for performances, workshops, site specific projects, video dance projects, lectures or any other idea you wish to spread!   Dance Days Chania is an international contemporary dance festival taking place in Chania, Crete, Greece since 2011. Dance Days Chania is a place to exchange dancing dialogues, to collaborate and share knowledge, creatiοn, discovery, inspiration and  pleasure.

In Performance: Custodians of Beauty – Pavel Zustiak/Palissimo (COIL 2017)

PS 122 COIL 2017 Custodians of Beauty Pavel Zustiak/Palissimo (NYC) La MaMa, The Downstairs 66 E 4th St Jan 5 – 8pm Jan 6 – 5pm Jan 7 – 5:30pm Jan 8 – 2pm A dancer in all black, barely visible, folds into and out of himself, his body unfurling like a flower or a fractal. A cloud of haze hangs suspended in the air and slowly makes its way towards the audience. Three figures spring from side to side before losing themselves in a driving electronic beat. Taking its title from a 2009 speech given by Pope Benedict XVI to a group of artists, Palissimo’s Custodians of Beauty puts forward a series of diverse poetic images, and through them asks us to consider the concept of beauty and our responses to it. Director/choreographer Pavel Zustiak and his collaborators create rich tableaus that linger i...

In Performance: Meg Stuart, An evening of solo works (American Realness)

In the four solos making up this program, Meg Stuart passes through phrases, gestures, and poses with a rapid fluidity. Like a swimmer tapping the side of the pool between lengths, her body moves towards an image or an idea, touches it gently, and is moving away from it again almost before we’ve even registered she was there at all. This approach extends to her emotional state as well. She constantly interrupts herself, sending her body on a nonlinear journey through emotional and physical memory. Her choreography throws the viewer into a new frame of reference at all times, and we begin to question how one body can contain so many attitudes and experiences. At the same time, she collapses the distance between seemingly disparate states. How separate, after all, are the wildly different fe...

Almanac 2016: Gustavo Monteiro (Porto, Portugal)

“Looking for the face I had before the world was made” it’s a journey through the labyrinth of the mind. Who am I? This is a question that it’s common to all and that it’s part of our instinct, but for which society has created rules to suppress in order to go against chaos in our heads. Francesca Perrucci, a born performer, will in a kind of sacrifice or a kind of self-imposed life sentence (as if Zen-like passivity meets a hollowed-out capitalist madness), challenge her limitations in order to discover new answers about herself and the world around her. “Looking for the face I had before the world was made” is an emotional and touching performance. CREDITS: Created: 2015 Choreography & Direction by: Gustavo Monteiro Created with & Performed by: Francesca Perrucci Music: Godspeed You...

Almanac 2016: Rebecca Bryant Danceworks (Long Beach, California, USA)

MANUFACTURED is an 18-minute dancework combining contemporary/post-modern dance with text and objects. The piece features fifty small cardboard boxes, ‘derelict’ costumes that can be donned and transformed onstage, spoken and projected text, and a soundscore by collaborator Don Nichols. This multimedia performance experience investigates the relationship between privilege and empathy. Our society is full of imagery, hyperbole, and metaphors that describe and delineate the differences between those who ‘have’ and those who ‘have not’; this work aims to explore the ways in which these images and metaphors limit our perception of other human beings. Onstage situations placing privilege/affluence up against need/misfortune are configured and re-configured with the audience’s preferences in min...

Almanac 2016: Riccardo Attanasio Matlakas (London, UK)

Sweet Thorn Durational Street Performance By Riccardo Attanasio Matlakas Curated by Anis Daraghma Statement: I will be dressed of barbed wire and I will walk in the street. On the barbed wire there will be 50/80 Roses. I will blow balloons and will write sentences on them then will burst. The sentences will be words and things I don’t want anymore for human being a society. I will then cut the barbed wire to make a stem. On each stem I will tight 2 or 3 bursted balloons and make a white flower out of it. I will then give a rose and a white hand made flower to someone passing by as a symbol of regeneration and blossoming future. At the end of the performance with the remaining of the barbed wire and roses there will be made an installation that will create a big flower with a Rose Bouquet...


About “ Amor de Don Perlimplín con Belisa en su jardín” “Amor de Don Perlimplín con Belisa en su jardín” talks about frustration. It is about the human beings difficulties to get over frustration, which happens to be the cause of aggressiveness. Both frustration and aggressiveness get together in this piece to devastate everything on their way, from Perlimplín´s harmless innocence to Belisa´s palpitating cheek. Nothing can relieve us when frustration takes control and our worse instincts flourish to overtake our will. Is in this moment when tragedy appears, anticipated by human beings condition, unavoidable though. In our piece we present actors as kind of puppets. A demiurge´s hand seems to move them without any will. It is the hand of lust, greed and, of course, frustration. It´s all ...

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