Ian McDermott

Featured: (e)merge art fair 2012 (Washington, DC)Featured: (e)merge art fair 2012 (Washington, DC)

Featured: (e)merge art fair 2012 (Washington, DC)

Call him Ishmael. Seriously. At 5am on a cool morning in early October, Andrew Wodzianski launched his thirty-six hour endurance performance called Self Portrait as Ishmael at the (e)merge art fair here in DC. “Launched” is not a metaphor. In the predawn darkness at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, a sixties-era time-warp, Wodzianski slipped a coffin into the outdoor pool and climbed on board. Barefoot, dressed in a 19th Century’s seaman’s jacket and khaki pants, with only a couple of bandanas as props, he floated on top of the coffin until 5 pm the following day. Underwater magnets kept the light wooden coffin gently turning in the center of the pool but it was Wodzianski’s careful movements- laying back, sitting up, stretching, kneeling, occasionally dipping his hands in the water- that ...