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Highlights: Tanz im August 2013 (Berlin)Highlights: Tanz im August 2013 (Berlin)

Highlights: Tanz im August 2013 (Berlin)

Tanz im August celebrates its 25th anniversary this year from August 16th – 31st, 2013 . The festival presents the current state of affairs in the international contemporary dance scene with a focus on contextual and aesthetic perspectives of the artists presented. At various venues in Berlin, the outstanding choreographers and companies are presented as well as exciting young unknowns with potential for further development. Below are a few of Contemporary Performances Networks highlights including one of our members Choy Ka Fai (SG). Trisha Brown Dance Company (US) Early Works Trisha Brown became a protagonist of postmodern dance with her dance miniatures. One goal of her minimalist works from the early 1970s onward was to create pure motion – neutral, free of associations, neithe...